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Panda Panda
Apr 21 2013, 06:28 PM
Isn't focus on writing for Fandoms instead of writing for the character what got Days in this mess in this first place?
I agree it's not good to write for a fanbase, tptb should write for the character. However, IMO, it's most important to stay true to those characters and write them as they should be written.

For example, for me as a John and Marlena fan, I could care less at this point that J&M have "broken up". However what pisses me off on a daily basis is how they are behaving! They are writing John as a complete ASSHOLE, that is just not the real John Black. As for Marlena, I have never seen her written for like this! They have made her a spineless doormat!

As for the other characters on this show... I really don't pay enough attention to them to speak to how they are being written for lol.
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