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DAMN! I caught up on the last two episodes. Those were two insanely thrilling tribal councils. Wow! This season's really picked up steam.

First off, LMAO @ Reynold giving Malcolm his immunity idol. I know it wasn't possible but it would've been amazing if he was sent packing after that. I wonder what Reynold will think later on when he finds out Malcolm actually voted for him to leave that night?

How in the world did Brenda survive that challenge? That truly was epic! I was so proud of my girl! What a freaking SHAME she's still invisible this season. ugh!

YES to Philip getting sent home. I didn't see that twist coming at all. Malcolm just gave Eddie his other idol - Brilliant! I loved everyone's squirming and whispering. So damn good. They even showed a shot of Michael point counting over at the jury section. LMAO

How could no one mention Dawn spazzing out over losing her fake teeth in the ocean. OMG. LOL!! That was crazy. I thought she was having another emotional meltdown or something.

Philip rinsing his dirty ass off in the resort pool was disgusting. I couldn't believe that mess.
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