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Apr 21 2013, 10:52 PM
Apr 21 2013, 09:31 PM
I think it is good for Tyler to interact with other females on the show. Lily is married and Lily has a way of sucking the life out of her men. Cane once had an edge but when he got with Lily it was over. Same thing will happen with Tyler. I really wish there was someone else for Tyler to be with instead of Lily. This new girl will only be there for 3 months according to the soap mag. I wonder why this is just coming out? April 26th is Friday.
Cane Ashby never had an edge, he's a spineless lying weasel that put Lily through hell with his lies. Tyler and Lily have chemistry.
The women may create some angst, but Lily and Tyler will eventually become lovers. JMO.
Before all the rewrites I think Cane did have an edge and Lily forgave him for the lies. This 2nd marriage has been nothing but honesty IMO, You are right they will get together that has been the plan from the beginning. I don't see a lot of chemistry with them but it doesn't matter. Lily has chemistry with Cane, Daniel and Billy but sometimes when paired they do nothing with the character after that. look at billy Abbott before Villy he was a fun bad boy then paired with a love interest he went dry. I just wonder what will happen with the back lash of a married woman leaving her family. all of this is just my opinion. I know people are passionate about soap couples and I know people wanted Lily paired with a AA male. Not trying to make anyone angry. just posting to have fun and discuss the show. enjoy posting with you as time goes on.
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