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camera shy

Apr 22 2013, 08:44 AM
Honestly the best part of the interview is that he has a new storyline coming! I look forward to a change that makes sense for his character.

It's kinda sad when all he has to contribute to his repetitive scenes is whether he is at the top or the bottom of the bed. Does he drive home and think, 'Damn I should have had my legs hanging off the side'? Sorry Galen, I know you are trying your best with flat material, but it's apparent this should have been left as a drunken ONS. The comment about Rafe softening to Kate because Stefano blackmailed her into marriage makes no sense when Rafe doesn't know what Stefano had on her. Kate went crazy on his friend Daniel and poisoned Chloe. Are we to believe none of this matters to a guy of his supposed integrity? They are too much of a stretch, so it's with great relief that his story will veer off in what is hopefully a much better direction. I'm tired of wading through nonsensical writing.

I do love the Gabi/Rafe sibling relationship. Luckily, they've done a wonderful job focusing on how much they care and watch out for each other. Those are scenes I have no trouble finding truth in.

Remember when Rafe barely hadn't any scenes with Gabi and we didn't even see him check up on her? It was all about taking care of Sami and her family. Glad to see that has changed.
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