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Apr 22 2013, 08:29 AM
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Apr 22 2013, 07:40 AM
So wait...Sami steals money when she doesn't have to...that money belongs to Vargas no? I can see it now...Will gets shots while trying to save Nick from Vargas...you watch....Vargas wants his money and Nick tells him that he doesn't know where it is, that it's been stolen. Sami tells Will that she has the evidence and then Will tries somehow to give the money back or something and Vargas takes a shot at Nick thinking Nick stole it from him and doesn't want to give it back but Will is the one that gets hurt. Oh brother....

So Vargas' grand scheme is to tell Eric that Nicole loves him....do it bro...just do it so we can speed up this story a little...I need SOMETHING to strike up Eric's feelings for NIcole...and if watching you almost boink her won't do it then I need something else, stat!

Saint Daniel is helping everyone out now, because you know he's so saintly and wonderful and the best that has ever walked the face of the Earth...I think I'll call him Jesus from this point forward.....goodness make it stop!

So Ej enlists Justin to help him take down Stefano...I really hope Justin tells him to go fuck himself...seriously....Ej is just like any other generic soap character good guy now....Days has enough of them...how boring..

Can Rafe just tell Ej that he can keep that PodSkankSami for good...that he's found a better person and he's happy.....for now...

Gabi won't do it because he won't come clean with her.....

i still do not get why sami need stefano help she alreday steals the evidence from Nick's room while i think she could find someone [even she not ask anyone from her family]to help from to steal from police evidence room

it seem more stupid now
It is stupid....frankly she could have asked Hope or ROman to get the evidence...heck if she would have told Rafe the truth about Nick and what he'd done, maybe he would have helped...it's not like if Rafe hadn't covered up for her own shooting of Ej, or even was willing to cover up when he thought Will did it....it's just stupid.....there is no reason why Ej is in this but you know...God forbid Ej freaking Dimera isn't in this story...somehow....someway
And why wouldn't EJ be involved? I mean being Sami's fiance, Will's friend and confident alone gives him a right.

As for the brilliance of the scheme, I think it was more about them dragging the sl until May Sweeps, set up the Stefano vs EJAMI drama and Sami and her OTT antics :lol: The sl would have been over the first week if they went with the obvious solutions.
It's all EJ's fault that Will is losing his daughter, so it makes no sense for Will to be a confident and friend to EJ, he should be pissed at him. He's being forced into that role to force Lucas out.

This isn't supposed to be ejami drama featuring EJ and Sami's tantrums, it's supposed to be a Wilson and Nabi story, that's the problem people are having.
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