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Harlee Kin
Apr 21 2013, 09:40 AM
I am sorry Team DaytimeRoyalty but Abby and whomever is just not cutting it for me. Now before you say, Harlee, you just want to see a bunch of kinky stuff with crazed men dominating you and not putting up with controlling women that want rich men to take them in and then never cook, never do anything on anyone else's terms, and then act all pious to the public after scheming and lying behind closed doors, I say this, Abby is BORING! Now I watch House of Anubis on Nick, where young chaste people dabble in romance without getting nasty while unearthing ancient mysteries and I am fine with that but the Abby, Cameron, Chad thing just boring.
I actually agree with you. Chad/Abby/Cameron trio/triangle is boring. I could care less who she ends up with because both guys are dull and lifeless and at the risk at getting dislikes I also find Abby boring too. So all three together in a sl makes me want to FF.

GH did it better in the 90's with a S/B/J triangle where on both sides the fans were passionate on the couple. And all the actors had chem with each other.
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