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S loves EJ

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It's all EJ's fault that Will is losing his daughter, so it makes no sense for Will to be a confident and friend to EJ, he should be pissed at him. He's being forced into that role to force Lucas out.

This isn't supposed to be ejami drama featuring EJ and Sami's tantrums, it's supposed to be a Wilson and Nabi story, that's the problem people are having.
Maybe I missed something but how is it EJ's fault that Will is losing his daughter? :huh: That honor should go first to Nick for blackmailing Will, to Gabi for not doing anything about but lip service even though she knows it's not right, and maybe to Will for not seeing exactly what Nick was doing all along and not stopping it from the get go. Even if we bring up the attempted murder, Will did it. He shot EJ in the first place and set himself up to be blackmailed.
EJ wasn't an innocent victim that Will shot while trying to rob for drug money. He had reasons to shoot the man, there were ongoing attacks from every angle that drove him to attempted murder.

torcher(steve), car tampering that caused two horrific accidents(Max and Steph), bombs, repeated attempted murders(John, Lucas, Belle, Steve, Kayla), Roman buried alive,murder(Bengi), breaking and entering(Bo,Hope) blackmail, several kidnappings(Steve, Lexi, Tek)stalking. Will didn't pull that trigger because he was taking Hope's bump-it pills. He pulled that trigger to protect his mother, and because of the repeated attacks on his friends and family by EJ, Andrea and Stefano. If they had left his family alone Nick would have nothing to blackmail Will with.

The vendetta was suppose to end if Ejami got married so Will didnīt need to shoot EJ to protect Sami he did it as revenge for the rape and breaking up his family. I can see Will being driven to it though he had reasons for hating EJ but he didnīt shoot him in selfdefence so he is resposible for his own actions. Anyway EJ is of course resposible for the things he has done but he canīt be blamed for the things Andreīdid.
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