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I'm curious. Has he brought anyone in "like that" from his stint in the 80s? I know he brought in Laura for 2 episodes to serve his Dannifer/Chloe plot. We might have thought he'd give a nod to the 90s, because he's done that a little with Kristen/John/Marlena. But seriously, I don't get the sense that he even remembers or bothers to refer to anything pre-1995. If he did, I'd think we'd see more Julie and Doug, for example.

Gary and Michelle only created 4 contract characters when they were head writers from Oct. 1980-Oct. 1981.

Renee Dumonde, Stuart Whyland and Jake Kositchek are all dead. The only one still living is Evan Whyland (or did he die too?)
Evan Whyland died. If I remember correctly, wasn't he in that car accident caused by Stefano and then Sandy Horton (his lover) had to operate on him and he died on the table? I also want to say (but I could be mixing up accidents) that this was the same accident that cause Mickey to fly to South America in an attempt to prove that Stefano was behind it which then resulted in him being presumed dead for the better part of a year while Stefano held Mickey captive in a cage.

But now that I say all of that, I'm not sure it's the same accident. In any event, yes, Evan is dead. He was also played by Lane Davies who's best remembered as Mason Capwell on Santa Barbara.
Thanks Matt.

So, then, all 4 characters that Gary and Michelle created from 1980-1981 were all killed off by the new head writers from 1982-1983!
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