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Apr 23 2013, 02:17 PM
If Steffy fans wanna tell themselves that Liam doesnt love Hope, fine.

"Im always gonna wonder what could have been." Liam said those words to Hope the day before his wedding. He's such a week ass human, and Im glad he's with Steffy. She wanted him, she got knocked up, and got him. Good for her!

Now please, can a REAL man come and swoop Hope off her feet?!

Those were declarations of What ifs, not I l will always love you. Couples who have broken up go through them all the time,period. What if I handled this situation better?, What if I stop playing games with my partner?, What if I actually listened to my partner instead of tuning him or her out, and the What if statements keep going on and on, on, on. Steffy was in a relationship with Liam for nine months until Hope decided she wanted Liam back. It obvious by some fans viewpoint that they don't understand the concept of Birth Control, it not 100% effective. Thinking that STEAM was going to put their sex lives on hold until Hope decided she wanted Liam back, showed Hope's delusions about sex.

Hope will always pull her Katies with every man that she is paired with and she never going to change.
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