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I guess they mean when Rafe at the safehouse came up with the idea that they could illegally adopt Grace (Syd) and Rafe would act like the father to Ej's child. I've never gotten the argument that Rafe is so bad but Sami is fine in this...Sami was the one that actually went along with his initial plan, she was the parents and she could have stopped it but didn't...and more recently Sami was the one that told Rafe when she suspected that Ej was in fact the father of Nicole's baby that she would keep his secret and allow him to play daddy and pretty much do exactly what he attempted to do with Sydney once upon a time. Please...Sami is worse in this than Rafe has ever been but somehow now we are suppose to forget that because she's with Ej? Yeah, no...
I can't speak for anyone else but I've always had a problem with Sami trying to hide the baby from EJ - and particularly with agreeing to go along with the fake adoption, etc.

But Rafe does have a history of trying to claim EJ's kids as his own. And in the case with Grace, he wanted to fake adopt her before he and Sami even discussed marriage, etc. And he immediately laid claim to the EJole baby without so much as discussing it with Nicole first. And again...had no intention of building a life with Nicole. It's bizarre.
Yeah, but wasn't there an actual reason given for Rafe's adoption ideas and not just him being a kid stealer? Didn't Nicole conspire WITH Rafe(and daniel) to hide the baby's true paternity from EJ?

Not that I agree with hiding a child from their parent's but let's face it. EJ hasn't exactly been shown to be a stand up guy and the DiMera's aren't exactly the safest families in Salem to be a part of. So I at least understand the motive behind wanting to protect the child from being raised in that environment.
Hero complex and the feeling that he had the right to play judge and juror with EJ's life......without going OT too much, Johnny was with his father, well taken cared off while Sami was pregnant, and then with Nicole if EJ had agreed to leave Sami behind she would have told him about the child in a heartbeat......environment wasn't the heart of the issue at all.
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