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Rudolpho Meradi
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Hey Jason

Im not much of a Hope fan (never was), but I was a strong Gina fan and have all DAYS episodes between 1994-2002 on DVD so I think I can answer your questions. :D

The Princess Gina storyline can be divided into four chapters:

-Pre Transformation (April 1998-January 1999)
-After Transformation (January 1999-July 1999)
-The Real Princess Gina (July 1999-December 1999)
-Aftermath/Resolution Process (December 1999-May 2002)

The flashbacks during Pre-Transformation period were of HOPE (impersonating Gina between 1990-1994).

Then after the blizzard/satellite beam in January 1999, Hope received all memories of The Real Gina (who was presumed dead in 1990).
So most flashbacks from here on were of GINA (and her life before 1986, together with little Greta and father John).
However with ONE exception for a particular flashback of her stealing a painting all by herself.
(That one was of HOPE stealing Lily Favershams art collection and painting them over in 1992).

When The Real Princess Gina was introduced, we suddenly had two alive Gina characters.
The Real Ginas flashbacks from here on, were (of course) of GINA.
The Fake Gina from here on continued also having the same flashbacks of GINA (not realizing the original alter ego was still alive plotting revenge).

And then finally, after Real Gina was shot to death on the Penthouse Grill Terrace in December 1999,
ALL flashbacks from here on, all the way into May 2002, were of HOPE (trying to remember what the fuck she was doing during entire 1999).

This was one of the very few DAYS storylines that was NOT written for a 5 year old to understand,
thats why it may seem complicated at first. :P

But I enjoyed it, the storyline itself was good, just wasnt received so well because of the John/Hope pairing, which is somewhat
understandable since John/Marlena was (and still is) the obvious rooting couple, and the writing for them had been
brilliant throughout the entire 90's.

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