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More sweeps previews..

Victor/Adam - They are working together to make Newman Enterprises a privately-owned family company again.

Victor/Victoria/Adam - Victor and Adam's recent bonding has for the first time placed Victoria on the outside. This causes her to see Adam has her enemy.

Dylan/Chelsea - They grow closer and Chelsea begins to fall in love with him which complicates everything.

Victoria/Billy - Victoria's hatred and obsession for Adam and Newman Enterprises is upsetting Billy. Also Victoria's hormones are out of control due to the fertility treatments which just escalates the problems.

Adam/Sharon - The brakes are put on their relationship as they both realize that even though they want each other they also realize they are very bad for each other romantically. Adam does some soul searching about his priorities.

Nick/Avery - Nick recognizes that Avery and Dylan have a connection she can't let go of completely. He compares it to his inability to really let Sharon go over the years. Nick suggests they end their engagement which upsets Avery. She thinks Dylan is ruining their relationship. They both begin to question why they are really moving so fast.

Dylan/Avery - Avery wants Dylan to leave GC but he informs her of how his life is changing. He doesn't feel she has the right to ask him to walk away from his child and new life because she is insecure in her relationship with Nick. This causes Dylan to questions everything because he now knows that Avery isn't completely over him.

Cane/Lily/Tyler - Tyler's feelings for Lily take an intimate turn that surprises her. It will be a test to Lily and Cane's marriage.

Michael/Lauren/Carmine - They reach their boiling point. Michael is suspicious of Lauren and starts putting the pieces together.

Kevin/Chloe - Chloe finds herself paying dearly because of Kevin. He seems to have developed a true passion for stealing.

Alex/Abby - The cop and the heiress get serious but things get complicated when Alex gets a female partner who comes from the same background as him. Abby finds herself getting jealous.

Leslie/Gus - Leslie goes digging for info about Rose. Mysteries are slowly unraveled

Neil - His apartment is broken into. Gone missing is personal writings about sensitive details of his family from over the years, which could not become public record.

Noah/Tyler - The two become good friends. Noah finds himself going down a reckless path that causes concern for Nick and Sharon. In the process he also stumbles into a surprising new career path.

Summer/Kyle - Her plan is working as Kyle's feelings for Summer began to change. As she works more at Jabot (She is the face of Chelsea's new fashion line) he begins sees her as more mature and dynamic.

Nick/Phyllis/Jack - They are at odds over Summer and Kyle

Credit goes to jcren
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