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Viewing Single Post From: Monday, April 22nd Daily Discussion

Apr 23 2013, 04:17 AM
What was up with Kristen referring to Common Grounds as Caffeinated? I know that there's a picture of a coffee cup in Common Grounds that says "Caffeinated" below it, but I always assumed that was just a picture, not a logo. However, I did notice that the employee who talked to Kristen was wearing a shirt with the same picture on it (whereas Sonny and Chad have always worn plain shirts as their "work uniforms" in the past).

A quick Google search returned one Days-related reference to "Caffeinated": http://www.gaysofdays.com/2012/02/common-grounds-sonnys-coffee-shop.html, although the URL itself refers to Common Grounds. Aside from that, I can't find any mention of Sonny and Chad's coffeehouse being referred to as Caffeinated.

I hope it was just a mistake, because I'd hate to see the writers change the name. I know that the characters usually don't even refer to the coffeehouse as Common Grounds as it is, but that name was always very important to Sonny because it represented the open-minded atmosphere that he wanted to promote. Changing it would be bad enough, but changing it to something as generic and uninspired as "Caffeinated" would just be stupid.
Nice catch! I love when viewers see things I completely missed. And completely agree. Common Grounds is a great name for many reasons. They had better not change the name. Caffeineted is a terrible name, anyway. Generic, too.
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