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Rudolpho Meradi
Apr 23 2013, 05:30 PM
thats why it may seem complicated at first. :P

But I enjoyed it, the storyline itself was good, just wasnt received so well because of the John/Hope pairing, which is somewhat
understandable since John/Marlena was (and still is) the obvious rooting couple, and the writing for them had been
brilliant throughout the entire 90's.

Hi. Thanks for your input!

Looks like Gina will the most complicated character to get the correct character count for! 1998 starts off with Kristen/Susan/Penelope and ends with Hope/Gina, so now that I'm delving back into my original records for the first time since these episodes originally aired, it has been the most confusing year to do research on.

Susan/Kristen/Penelope was pretty easy to figure out. I had to change some of my "original" records, since the pool storyline, when Penelope (who we thought was Kristen) was found dead in the pool and then Susan (who was actually Kristen pretending to be Susan for 2-3 weeks before the on-air reveal). So, those characters will all be getting new updated totals once 1998 records are finalized.

Now, Hope/Gina will be getting new character totals too. As I continue on with 1999, if I have any questions, which would mostly be about those "Hope as Gina" having real Gina flashbacks, I will be sure to ask you!

With your help, we'll be getting the correct character totals for Hope/Gina during 1999!

Thanks again, Jason :)
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