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Apr 22 2013, 11:06 AM
Apr 22 2013, 10:53 AM
Apr 22 2013, 10:36 AM
^^and it showed on screen and that is the worse thing....we all saw the story going in one direction and then the shift came and they broke up because Rafe sided with his sister in lieu of Sami...oh, how horrible that was....it was just stupid the way the story shifted and how abruptly it did too. The only good thing about that is that if NBC gets a bug up their ass again about a story shift they'd make it happen equally as quickly.
It totally showed up on-screen. Days' lack of consistency regarding their long-term story direction has sucked for the last few years. All the writing changes, plus seemingly lots of cooks in the kitchen, makes for shifts that seem to come out of nowhere. That's why the only way I can enjoy the show anymore is just to go with the flow. I no longer look for overarching stories of depth that are driven by consistent character development. These stories simply don't seem to exist on this show anymore. If what's on my screen that day/week/month is entertaining to me, then I'm satisfied. If it's not, then I turn it off.
If Rafe can teleport into the safehouse, no explanations asked or needed and Sami all of a sudden be all about him :rolleyes: another change should not be too much of a shock to the system right, especially when this time they even if poorly executed made a go at the triangle and only speeded it up for the culmination at the wedding.

But his attitude is par on course, just a little less bitching compared to last time, but overall more of the same. :rolleyes:
Good point. From my perspective, the writing just went back in the right direction which was Ejami. The whole safe almost reunion from last fall was just detour orchestrated by a head written with his own agenda. Most of 2012 was about rebuilding Ejami and bringing them back together on a solid foundation. The contrived safe almost reunion should have never happened.

For months last year, Sami did not give a shit about Rafe and was busy bonding with Ej and rebuilding the trust between them while Rafe was falling deeply in love with Carrie and did not even care that ejami was getting closer. Then, out of the blue and I do mean literally out of nowwhere, Rafe was hell bent on getting Sami back and Sami inexplicably was dumping Ej to go to chase after Rafe.

Tomfuck tried to sweep under the rug everything that happened between Ejami such as those pesky little facts like rafe being in love with Sami's sister and Sami having feelings for Ej to the point that she was willing to risk it all for him including her life and her freedom. Let's not forget the big elephant in the room which is that Sami cheated on Rafe with Ej.

So yeah, this shift in direction is no worst than what happened last fall when they abruptly switched from Ejami to Safe. It was just as contrived then and it confused the viewers just as much. I wish the transition had been smoother, but I am enjoying the story so much now. I am one happy fan.
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