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Nighttime Hope hosed Bo down with gasoline and attempted to burn Bo ALIVE. She set the man on FIRE for fuck's sake! Hope is definitely not "too good" for Vargas. They've both been to prison for crimes they've committed.

I'm definitely open to Vope's chemistry being explored.

But until we hear that Vargas was drugged while he did the the things he did, he and Hope aren't on the same level. Right now, she is too good for him, imo, but then Brady's too good for Kristen and Eric's too good for Nicole. Lopsided pairings can happen and work. IMO, Hope is better suited toward Rafe, though. IDK if I'd buy her moving Mr. Unrepentant Ex-Con in with Ciara.
Bo moved husband-stabbing Carly in with Ciara. Just saying...
Kayla was too good for Steve, but that didn't stop people from falling in love with the couple and rooting for them.
As for Hope/Rafe, they're more suited to being friends & partners at work. I don't see any romantic vibes between them. Let's not forget that on the day of Nabi's first wedding attempt, Hope was overjoyed that Sami & Rafe were back together.
Really? Carly stabbed her husband as he was beating her...

I know we don't like CC anymore because of her actions, but these things are not comparable.
technically, we never really saw Lawrence abuse Carly, so we don't know if he really did, or if she just used that as her justification to stab him & run back to Salem with her scroll. Most of what we saw of Lawrence was Carly's hallucinations of him.

I think Ciara would rebel less against Vargas than she did against Carly.
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