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Apr 23 2013, 02:31 PM
Apr 23 2013, 12:19 PM
I sincerely don't understand where in any interview AS can be found "bashing everyone who doesn't agree" with her. I keep hearing about how she has disrespected her fans and/or her co-workers and I just haven't seen it. Blocking a few fans she has taken issue with is her prerogative (as well as anyone else's). Is that where the perception that she's become so hateful comes from? I'm honestly curious about this.

The only difference I've seen is that she is openly and enthusiastically promoting the EJami story line - and that's only different because it's EJami rather than Safe and/or Lumi. And based on the current writing we're seeing they aren't writing this as a triangle - so there really isn't a fence for her to sit on at the moment. However, I'd bet a bunch that if the writing shifts back to writing Sami as the centerpiece of a triangle we'd see AS's interviews reflect that.
Yup. If events onscreen aren't convincing enough for some, the fact that Ali is focused only on EJami and is being very pro-EJami in her interviews says that there isn't going to be a Sami love triangle for some time to come. She definitely comes across as being freer to express her opinions on the storylines these days and isn't so caught up in being the self-professed "company girl" who has to keep all fanbases appeased. I can't see how this can mean anything other than James being her on-screen partner for the foreseeable future.
Neither do I. I think AS goes out of her way for her fans more than any other actors on the show. She promotes the show constantly and is always reaching out to her fans, all of them. She has been a good sport in the face of all the bashing and negative personal comments made by some. AS does not write the show. She is merely doing her job by promoting her current storyline and she is doing her damn good job at that IMO.

I personally love Sami and I have since day one. I have rooted for her through saustin, brami, lumi, even rafe and last but not least Ejami.

As for AS, I have tremendous respect for her as an actress and a business woman. I admire a woman who knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it. AS is smart and ambitious. She has worked her ass off to make a name for herself beyond Days. I see a bright future for her outside the show.

PS: I love your cover picture of AS. She is beautiful and her body is to die for. Knowing how how hard she worked to get her body like that makes it even more amazing. I love seeing her in the cover of so many magazines. She is rising star.

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