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I'm finally getting to watch the entire episode. Everyone is baiting one another and trying to pretend it's not coming from them, it's hillarious.

I don't think Tamra was out of line. Vicki totally put her on the spot and forced an invite she clearly in her voice didn't want to give. And when she got there Alexis kept throwing digs with the hard work of her imaginary dress line, drawing a negative to the work Tamra's putting in to her gym. She's not a victim, she's not being bullied, and she just needs to own responsibility for being a sham.

The one I really didn't get was Gretchen. I always liked her and the amount of hate Vicki and Tamra threw at her and Slade was disproportionate to anything they might have done. (And Vicki's still a total hypocrite over the child support issue!) But I don't like how she jumped ship on Alexis (even though I can't stand her!) just to be in with the woman who's been a raging bitch to her for 5 years.

And Eddie = Simon.
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