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I was braced for Jennifer and Daniel and hoping for the best but doomed to disappointment again.I hated the smug look on Jennifer's face while Daniel was telling the nanny how important Jennifer was in Parker's life and while they were in the living room of the house.I was happy when Jennifer went to hug Parker after Daniel told him to thank her and Parker did not even look up.My eyes rolled so hard they hurt while Jennifer and Maggie were talking.Jennifer talking about how she understood Maggie attacking her since had to "appear heartless" because she could not bear coming between Daniel and Parker although she was sorry she had to use Jack.Maggie talking about her selfless precious Jennifer Rose and how Jack would want her to move on now since she had loved him so much while he was alive.Jennifer referring to Chloe Lane in that dismissive tone of voice after Chloe apologized to her and Daniel and practically told Jennifer she was happy to have her in Parker's life.Jennifer has had such a smug gloating look on her face since she and Daniel got back together I just want to slap her.If they are not going to backburner Jennifer/Daniel,their scenes and any scenes involving Maggie need to be kept to a bare minimum.
The only time I like Jennifer in this episode was when she was with Abby and Maxine.
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