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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
And Luke Spencer violently raped Laura, then married her. Then, while they were married, frequented hookers behind Laura's back. For years and years he slept with hookers while Laura raised the kids. Then, he tried to kill her child Nikolas because he wasn't "a real Spencer". Then became a raging alcoholic who killed his 5 year old grandson Jake in a drunk driving accident, and felt NO remorse for it. None.

Yet, most viewers still feel this man deserves Laura.

So no, I don't think it's a stretch for Vargas to be redeemed and places with Hope.
Not a Luke or Luke/Laura fan, but I did see the storyline where he accidentally killed his own grandson, and he did show remorse. Lots of it. He was in denial about his drinking problem, but he was haunted by what he'd done to Jake and considered himself unworthy to be around his own family.

In any case, I reiterate that I'm all for a redemption story as long as there's something to work with in the character. To date, I haven't seen anything to work with where Vargas is concerned (and I don't trust these writers to give it to us in any meaningful way.)

What I disagree with is the simple notion that because Hope and Vargas have both been in prison, they can ipso facto be together. Hope's brief prison stint just doesn't compare to 10 years of hard time filled with hard-edged behavior in my view. Beyond that, my bigger point is that having a character like Vargas who spent most of his adult life confined to a small jail cell just seems to put a lot of limitations on the potential for meaningful interaction. Unless he's well-read or has found some way to stay in contact with the outside world, for example, they're not going to have a whole lot to talk about over dinner, lol!

Hope's original plea deal was 10 years, i believe. The only reason she got 2 was because of Bo's actions. And the reason she didn't stay for the entire 2 years was because of the illegal organ operation she uncovered.
If Vargas is as you've described him, then he shouldn't really be paired with anyone, since no one's going to have much to talk with him about.
Yup. That's what I'm saying. The writers have painted themselves into a corner on this one. They're not known for fleshing out new characters in any kind of satisfactory way. They're all about plots and slapping pairs together in an instant fashion.

Hey, I think SD and KA look good together. And I could think of a million ways to make a Vargas/Hope pairing work. But I'd have to (a) adequately explain Bo's absence; and (b) add several layers to the Vargas character to make him more palatable as a rootable "bad boy."

Let's hope the writers are up to the task.

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