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Can't wait for this. Finally a triangle where I like both sides. Nikolas and Liz are HOTTTTT, but the Lucky thing always got in the way and I wasn't a Niz fan at all the first time around. Liz and Nikolas did always seem to have an unmentioned connection to each other, even when they were younger so its not hard to believe he had some feelings when he wasn't with Emily and others.

I agree this might be moving too fast because I was really enjoying AJ and Elizabeth, but they didn't get a chance to get serious enough yet. Still should be fun watching a Cassadine and a Quartermaine battling over Elizabeth! After all of the shit she's put up with on this show in recent years, she deserves this. I hope it ends up with AJ/Liz though. They were winning me over. Fairly confident she won't get pregnant either. She has enough kids and they can't even SORAS them because Rebecca Herbst still looks like she's 20.
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