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Apr 24 2013, 10:18 AM
Can't wait for this. Finally a triangle where I like both sides. Nikolas and Liz are HOTTTTT, but the Lucky thing always got in the way and I wasn't a Niz fan at all the first time around. Liz and Nikolas did always seem to have an unmentioned connection to each other, even when they were younger so its not hard to believe he had some feelings when he wasn't with Emily and others.

I agree this might be moving too fast because I was really enjoying AJ and Elizabeth, but they didn't get a chance to get serious enough yet. Still should be fun watching a Cassadine and a Quartermaine battling over Elizabeth! After all of the shit she's put up with on this show in recent years, she deserves this. I hope it ends up with AJ/Liz though. They were winning me over. Fairly confident she won't get pregnant either. She has enough kids and they can't even SORAS them because Rebecca Herbst still looks like she's 20.
I am sort of torn on this ....in a way I think if there HAS to be a triangle, now might be the time to do it because Aj and Liz are not solidified yet and she could realistically explore her feelings for both men and then choose who she wants to end up with without hurting the character in the end. What I don't want is for them to paint her as a fickle bitch and she will be bouncing between two men. IMHO I think Liz already got to experience what it was like to tap into her feelings for Nik once upon a time, so her choosing AJ seems to be what they are banking on here...with Nik running around them causing trouble.

I'm fine with two hot guys fighting over LIz too...but I won't lie, I wish they would have solified Aj and Liz a bit more. I still got the feeling they will be together for good when all is said and done but I want my Quiz to be solid before they throw Nik their way. I'm okay with the triangle though because I can see all three actors selling it and if Nik starts to play his hand a bit, I think that LIz will realize that she might want to end up with AJ more....

I like the angle they are taking on Dante and Lulu here.....they are giving NuLulu time to settle into the role by having her act outside of who Lulu should be because of the amnesia...and they are having Dante be the steadfast, hero husband that won't give up on his wife....even if the road is rough, I think in the end they'll make it....really liking what appears to be shaping up here.

I like Patrick and Sabrina....and I really want them to bring Robin back....now that KM has agreed to return, can they really try and spring her on Port Charles quickly?

Laura and Luke...meh...Scotty..meh....

The only thing I see wrong with GH at this time is that RC is going about the triangle avenue too heavily....I feared this when he first came on but you knwo what I'll take it...it's miles better than anything Days puts out....at least their stories are shaping up to be interesting ones, regardless of the triangle heavy avenue they are building..

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