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Holy Moly I just watched the Ericole scenes and they were totally awesome I am so glad GV came to DOOL he has been awesome and I can say that he has improved since GH. Well done to AZ/GV for their performances. There was so much tension, angst, sexual tensions lots of it. Both in anger. Eric finally cracked, Eric was jealous. He wants Nicole to himself he is too attached to Nicole. I think seeing Vargas and Nicole on that desk it hit him. Nicole is just losing control and Eric is the only one who can save her. I can't wait for more on their scenes. So now I guess Nicole won't be leaving in the church any more thank the Lord I wonder I think Eric will go to apologize to Nicole and finds Vargas in Nicole's hotel room and once again Eric and Nicole will argue. I can't wait for more Eric just needs to blurt it out already that he is still in love with Nicole but he is scared of getting hurt by Nicole since she hurt him before. I think so we will start seeing from Eric's side. This is just the begging of ERICOLE's reunion :cheer: :cheer:
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