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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Ciara starts going towards Brady and Kristen's table in the pub with envelope and picture in hand.

Dan is at the square talking to Parker's new nanny. He thinks this is going to work out fine. Jen joins them. Dan introduces her as Jennifer Horton. She's a big part of Parker's life and mine. The nanny will be ready to start tomorrow morning. She says goodbye to Parker and the adults and leaves. Jen approves of Dan's choice. They sit Parker at a table. Jen says almost everything feels right. Dan asks what's missing. Jen opens an envelope. Look what I found. It's a bullet train car for Parker. They're happy it's all over now and they are right back where they belong. They kiss.

Abby goes up to Maxine and ask's what's wrong. They look over at Anne. Maxine - She was just bugging the Hospital Administrator's assistant. Seems there's a personnel matter that can't wait. Abby - Bitch. Did she say it was Cameron? Anne walks up to them. Photo op next Tuesday. You'll want to look sharp. Maxine - I'll press my scrubs. Once Anne is gone she adds, "That woman works my last nerve!" Abby mumbles - She's so chipper. Maxine - She's only happy when she's ruining someone else's day and given what you told me before ... Abby - You think she has it in for Cameron. Maxine - You tell me. Is there something going on that could get that boy in trouble?

Nicole starts working on Vargas's belt. He looks around - Here? They kiss. Nicole - Unless you want to go back to my room in the convent. They're kissing passionately when Eric comes in slamming the door behind him.

Kristen tells Brady they're not going to let anyone's opinions or feelings interfere with them. Brady likes that. Kristen - We can try and live in the moment; drown out the noise from everybody else. Just savour what we have which is pretty incredible. Brady thinks they should get the hell out of here right now. They leave. Ciara looks at the picture.

Chad and Theo are at the coffeehouse playing a game when Cameron comes in. Chad tells Cam Theo won 4 games in a row. Cam asks Theo if he can teach him how to play Home Run Derby on his phone; he has some time before he has to go to work.

Maxine - Cameron has many god-given talents, please tell me why he'd take his clothes off for money. Abby - His mom borrowed some money she couldn't pay back; he's covering it for her. Maxine - That's Lexie's baby brother. It kind of makes sense. Why wouldn't he just ask somebody. Abby - I don't know. I've already said too much. My big mouth is what got us here in the first place; I put that viper on his trail. Maxine - Wouldn't she love to take down somebody that everyone loves. Abby - Can she really get Cameron fired? Maxine sees a man walk up to the nurse's station. We're about to find out. Abby - That's Seth Burns, hospital administrator. They watch Anne talking to him. Abby can't believe the hospital is run by a guy named Mr. Burns. Is he creepy and all-powerful? Maxine - He is THE MAN. Poor Dr. Davis, we're going to miss him around here. Abby - No, Cameron is not going anywhere; not if I can help it.

Vargas - Father, we didn't expect you back so early. Eric glares at Nicole after he sees Vargas doing up his belt.

Segment 2: Kristen and Brady are in their bedroom kissing and removing clothing. Brady tells her everytime is like the first time with her; like he can't get enough. Kristen tells him they should do it eveytime like it's their last time.

Seth tells Anne he got all 3 voicemails and the 4 e-mails. You've already harrassed Claudia to the point where she's going to quit. Abby eavesdrops as he tells Anne he likes his assistant. Anne - She is wonderful and such an asset to the hospital. I was thinking maybe we could do a press feature on her. Do you think she'd like that? Claudia is exactly the kind of person we'd want for the face of University Hospital. Seth - Dare I hope that's all you've been pestering me about. Anne - Hardly ... yes, it's important we control our image when there's someone on staff here who is putting our reputation at risk. Seth - There it is. Who do you want me to fire today Anne?

Chad brings over coffee. Theo is playing on Chad's phone because Cam's battery died. He says Chad has an older version of the game. That's okay, I'll just beat you quicker. Chad - Sad but true. Cam - This is Operation and I'm a doctor ... the boy just took out my spleen. Theo - You can live without it. Cam - That's clean incision. If you keep this up I'll be out of a job.

Jen, Dan and Parker are now in the Horton living room where Parker starts playing with the 'few accessories' to his train set that Jen bought. Dan asks Parker if he wants to give Jen a hug or stay in the zone. Jen says she'll give him a hug and he can keep playing. Jen thought they could put the train set up in JJ's room. That way when Parker's here he has a place to play. Jen assures Dan JJ won't mind. He's going to love Parker. The doorbell rings. Jen opens the door to Maggie. Maggie - Daniel told me what Chloe did to the two of you. Dan comes up. Jen, what happened before ... Maggie - No, Daniel, you don't have to defend me. This is between Jennifer and me.

Vargas - Father, look, I know I've only got a roof here because of you and the grace of God of course, which I don't take lightly. What just didn't happen here was ... Eric - I need a word alone with Nicole. Vargas - Sure thing. He leaves. Nicole. Coward! And you're a hypocrite. Eric - What? Nicole - The guy gets a free pass and the woman gets the judgemental bull ... Eric - Not the woman, you Nicole and you damn well know why. What's going on here?

Segment 3: Dan takes Parker to the kitchen for a cookie break. Maggie - I won't even try to make excuses. I was wrong. Jen - No you weren't wrong. I hurt your son and that's why you came down so hard on me. Maggie - I didn't know. Jen - I know and you wouldn't have known and that was the idea. I had to make Daniel believe I was this heartless witch and I had to make everyone else believe it too. Maggie - You were pretty convincing. Jen - You would have been too because there was no way I wanted to be the reason that Daniel lost his son. Maggie - That will always be on Chloe's head. I still say I'm losing my touch that I didn't know what you were up too; anyone would have known that you're not that kind of woman. Jen - Why not? You of all people must be so sick of that. This idea that Horton's are saints. Maggie - I guess I've always known better. Jen - I would have done it though, you know. I would have let you hate me forever. I was going to move to England. Maggie - You mean you would have left permanently? Jen - I didn't feel like I had any other choice. Maggie - Bless your heart for being so caring in all this. She sees Jen staring at Jack's picture. What are you thinking? Jen - There's one thing that I will regret forever; that I used my husband's memory to deceive Daniel. I hate that I did that and I know that Jack would have hated that. Maggie - No, not if he understood why you did it. Jen - Thing is, Jack would have been so much more clever than me. He would have come up with some crazy scheme to outfox Chloe. Maggie - Yeah, you're probably right. Jen - Do you think that he's disappointed? Do you think he feels that I betrayed him? Maggie - Of course not. Oh my darling girl, you loved Jack with all your heart. You gave him 2 beautiful children. That's what matters; how you loved him when he was here. That's all that matters. Maggie hugs her. You are so kind and generous. You deserve to be happy, loved. I'm so glad that you and my son have found each other again. Jen - And I'm going to be so good to him, I promise you. Maggie - I know you will. They hug. Dan returns with Parker.

Maxine comes and listens with Abby as Seth asks - Did you actually see Dr. Davis stripping on stage in a club? Anne - I know that Cameron Davis has a job at this club in Chicago ... Seth - So that would be enough? Anne - All it takes is one photo going up on line. One picture of one of our doctors stripping in a club. Can you imagine what that would do to our fundraising? Seth - But that hasn't happened. Anne - Not yet. I think we're just in time to nip this in the bud. Seth - You don't have any proof. Anne - We can get it. You're going to Chicago. Come with me to the club. We can catch Cameron in the act tonight. Maxine and Abby take off.

Nicole - You know what is going on Eric. You weren't always a priest. Surely you have some memory! Eric - The other side of you ... Nicole - What other side? The human side, the flesh and blood side? Eric - You know better. Vargas! Nicole - You're the one who said to give him a chance. Eric - Oh come on. Nicole - You said we'd have something in common and you know what, we do. You're the one who pushed me to him. Eric - Do not try and put this on me. Nicole - You're the one who told me to keep an eye on him. Eric - So you thought you'd try and hook up with him in my office. Nicole - I did not hook up with him in your office. Eric - You were very close Nicole and yes I do remember. Nicole - We didn't do ... Eric - You're going to lie to me on top of everything else. You two were pawing at each other like two horny teenagers. Nicole - You watch it! That collar will not stop me from slapping you from here to Pentecost. You don't get to talk to me that way. Eric - You crossed a line. Nicole - You're line. I never said I would become a nun or stop living my life or stop being human. Do you remember what that's like, being human? Because Vargas and I are consenting adults and we can do whatever the hell we want. Eric - Not here! That is a violation and you know it. I trusted you. Everyone told me it was a mistake. Nicole - Well I guess everyone was right. Eric - Yes they were right!

Segment 4: Maggie isn't in the room. Dan - So you two are good? Jen - Yes. That feel's good. We got everything straightened out and she gets what happened and I get that she's so protective of you. She made me feel better about everything like she always does. Jen notices the time. I'm going to be late for my meeting with Seth. Dan offers to go with her and put in a good word for her. Jen - If I cannot get my old job back by myself then I do not deserve my job. Dan - You quit because of me. Seth should know ... Jen - He should know exactly what I want him to know which is going to be very little. Dan wants her to promise not to ever do anything like that for him again. Jen - We'll see. They kiss and she leaves.

Nicole - If you trusted me to stop being human, stop being a woman, than you made a mistake. Eric - It's not about being human. This is a church. Nicole. No it's not. It's a rectory, not a church. Eric - Is that what you're hanging on to? The rectory is church property. Nicole - I'm sorry. I didn't realise I was stuffing envelopes on hallowed ground. Eric - This is my office. Parishioners, Father Matt, Sr Mary come in here every single day. Nicole - Okay, so it's about what people think. Eric - You and an ex-con are hooking up in my office. Yeah, it's got me worried. What do you think would happen to the fundraiser when the church secretary is about to have sex with ... Nicole screams - Stop saying it. You can take everything in this office and shove it up ... She starts to leave. He grabs her - We are not done here. She cries - Yes we are. I quit and I'm not coming back. She leaves.

Cam tells Theo - You smoked me! They joke around a bit. Cam then tells Theo he has a few more busy weeks and then I want you to teach me every game you have. Theo - Sure. Abe comes in. Cam tells Theo he'll see him soon. Cam apologises to Abe. Abe - It's no problem. You made his day. Cam - Actually he's the highlight of mine. Chad tells Cam he'll walk him out. He thanks Cam for stopping by. Cam wants to spend time with Theo. I just need a few more weeks to get myself out of this. Chad - You don't have to explain anything. I'm sorry Abigail and I butted in. Cam - Forget it. It's almost over and I'm putting it behind me. I can't wait until I'm a doctor fulltime and that's it.

Abby tells Maxine Cam didn't want anyone knowing about his job at the club and now ... Maxine - That might be his only job come morning. Abby - I can't let this happen. This is all my fault. Maxine - You didn't take that man's clothes off, did you? Abby - No but I'm the reason anyone here knows about this. I have to find a way to stop Anne from taking Mr. Burns to that club tonight. Maxine - You're going to stop Anne Millbauer? You're going to end up with tire tracks up your back. Abby - I can't do nothing. Cameron is a good doctor and he needs this job. I have to make that happen.

Brady gets out of bed. I have a little something for you. He gives it to her. They're earrings or bracelets (I think). He enjoys showering her with presents. Kristen - You're a good man. You're exceptional. They're pretty, antique. Brady - No, they're new. No retreads with you, objects with false memories attached to them. Kristen laughs. You're very subtle. You don't have to worry you know. Brady - You don't have to either. You and me forward, just us, forget the past. Kristen - Yeah, it's all ancient history; completely forgotten. Brady - We're going to make it.

Segment 5: Kristen - Promise me, no more presents. Brady says no. They argue back and forth. Kristen concedes. I guess we all have to do what we have to do, right?

Nicole is lying on a bed in a hotel. Screw it. I'm not a saint and I'm sure as hell not going to die trying to become one. Life is too short. She calls Vargas. Hey, are you okay? Nicole - Never better. Vargas - Fr Eric was ticked. Nicole - That's his problem, not mine and not yours. So why don't you come over?

Maxine - Voicemail again? Abby - I bet Cameron turns off his phone when he's at that club. Maxine - You can't warn him that he's about to lose his job. Abby - You're so sure. Why is it such a big deal? What are the hospital's exact rules of conduct? Maxine - You can't engage in any behaviour that could harm the reputation of the hospital. Abby - That's a pretty subjective line. Maxine - I think a doctor stripping crosses that line. Abby sees Jen ... Unless ... Jen walks up to them. Abby - Mom, I really need your help right now.

Maggie tells Daniel to bring Parker over tonight. Don't you and Jennifer want some tme together. She watches Parker play with his train set. I remember taking the train to the east when I was a girl. Dan didn't know that. Maggie - There's still somethings we need to catch up on.

Eric is slamming drawers so hard that Fr Matt has to yell his name to make himself heard. What's the matter? Eric - Hear my confession.

Nicole opens her door to Vargas and tells him to come in. Vargas - We need to take a minute here and do the right thing.

Segment 6: Abe thanks Chad for picking up Theo. Chad - Hey, it's our day; I wouldn't miss it. Abe - And I bet you're the reason Cameron stopped by. Chad - He wants to be around. Abe - But something's in the way, huh. I won't put you on the spot but if Cameron's jammed up and needs help, I'm here. Chad - The man's not big on asking for a hand. Abe - Pass it along. Chad - Sure. Abe and Theo leave.

Jen looks at Maxine - Well? Abby - It's solid, right? Maxine - It might work. Jen - Maxine, that is not the can do spirit that we are looking for. Abby - I'm going to call the club directly to see if I can warn Cameron. If not, we have to make this happen. Jen - I'll make some calls. Maxine - Wait a minute, where's my list? If you're going to take down Anne Millbauer, I want a piece of that. Abby - No way. Maxine - Is this about my bad attitude because I really do have spirit. Jen - I just don't want you caught in the crossfire here because if this goes badly you could get in a lot of trouble at the hospital. Maxine - And if you two screw up, Cameron Davis will lose his job. Now Lexie Carver hired me and has given me every promotion since and if I can't help her baby brother when he's in trouble ... count me in.

Cam comes into the empty club. One of the guys says - "I hope your brought your A game tonight; house is booked." Cam - Great. The guy mentions that a new club is opening on the Loop, very high clientele, you want in on that? Cam - I have another job I love and I can't wait to get back to it. Guy - Must be nice to turn down this kind of money. Cam - It's not about the money ... yeah, it is but as soon as all that's over I'm out of here. The phone rings. It's Abby. I need to speak to Apollo. No, I'm not a fan, I'm a friend and I really need to tell him something. Guy - Here's what you do. Come on down tonight ... Abby - I'm serious. Guy - So am I. Bring some twenties, come early and get a spot by the stage. You can tell Apollo whatever you want. Abby - You don't understand. I really need to talk to him. Can you give him a message from me? The guy hangs up and tells Cam - That's the fifth woman who's called for you today. Do you really want to give this up? Cam - Oh yeah.

Brady gets a call. Brady Black. Kristen - What's wrong?

Eric - I gave in to anger tonight. No, it wasn't anger. It was wrath. I was enraged. Fr Matt - Why? Eric - I walked in on Nicole and Vargas in my office. Let's just say it was a compromising position and I lost it. I was furious. I don't even remember the last thing that I said. I was just so mad. I tore into Nicole. I judged her. Fr Matt - You forgot to hate the sin but not the sinner. Eric - I didn't hate Nicole. I don't. Fr Matt - Maybe that's the problem Fr Eric. Listen, you've got to say it, whatever it is, out loud.

Nicole starts taking off Vargas's jacket. Vargas - Look I'm not going to lie, I want you but I've got a great setup at the Church, I don't want to screw it up. Nicole throws his jacket aside - Guess who could tonight. There's no reason for Eric to know you're here. It's up none of his business. Vargas - Clearly Fr Eric doesn't agree with that. Nicole - That's why I left. He's not going to throw you out, trust me. You're his project. He may want to give you hell just like he did me but you're going to be fine. So if you're going to get the penance you might as well do the crime. Vargas - I'm trying not to aggravate the man. Nicole pulls him to the edge of the bed. Sometimes it can't be helped. Who runs your life Vargas. Aren't you tired of people telling you what to do, how to feel? She kisses him. He joins her on the bed.

Segment 7: Anne and Seth Burns are at the club. Seth - I'm the only man in this room who isn't working here. Anne - We won't be here long sir. Seth - I don't like this. Anne - The show itself is so vulgar and distasteful. Dr. Davis is exposing the hospital to so much ridicule. Jen walks up with Abby and Maxine. Hi Annie, did you book your ususal table? Anne - What are you doing here? Maxine fans herself with a flyer??? Same as you. Anne - This is not ... Abby - Not fair? It's really not. She looks at Seth. She beats us here everytime and gets a table right by the stage. Anne - I don't beat them. I don't come here. A waiter comes over and starts placing shots in front of her. Hey Anne, you're ususal kickstarter. Anne - Okay, this is a very unfunny joke. They're only here to warn Dr. Davis only it's too late because that is the intro music. Seth - How would you know that if you're not a regular? Jen - You are so busted. Anne - Listen, any minute now, one of our doctors is going to come out here and break every clause of our code of conduct. The women start clapping, Seth's jaw drops ... Anne - I'm sorry sir. I know it's a shock but ... Anne turns to the stage. What the hell!

Fr Matt returns to the rectory after taking a call from the Bishop. He apologises, he had to take that. Eric - No, it's fine. I only needed a few minutes. I'm fine now. I think I overreacted because of my friendship with Nicole. Fr Matt - Eric, is friendship all there is between you and Nicole.

Nicole and Vargas are naked in bed in the throes of ecstacy. Nicole - Oh God, this feels so good. I want you so much Eric. Vargas stops.
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