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NE Spoilers Week of May 6

Guilt and stress begins to take takes a toll on Brooke

Bill and Katie work to rebuild their marriage

Caroline’s plan to win Rick back appears to be working

Maya learns not to get in the way of a Spencer

Donna is pitted between her sisters

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SNS week of May 6th

Caroline has a fashion-show to raise money for cancer research.

Rick, Oliver, Thomas, Marcus and Carter show muscle and model the line for bedroom wear.

Maya looks to Carter for comfort after it seems Caroline's plan is working.

Bill has Justin put together some information that may seems dangerous for Maya.

Thomas and Oliver throw a casual party to try to cheer up Hope.

Not realizing Hope would be at the party, Steffy shows up, and Hope starts to feel uneasy about the situation.

Bill is full of guilt after Katie apologizes for having accused him of having an "inappropriate relationship with Brooke."

Guilt ridden about the night she spent with Bill, and fearful it might be revealed, Brooke has a panic attack.

Taylor is dismayed when she sees Brooke go to Eric to find comfort.

Donna grows frustrated with Brooke.

COMING: Hope realizes she has no other choice but to move on

Titles and Previews

Monday ("Maya seeks Comfort")
Maya seeks Carter's comfort when she witnesses something unfavorable; Brooke faces her problems.

Tuesday ("Relationship Advice")
Caroline seeks marital advice from her uncle, Dollar Bill Spencer; Bill orders Justin to find more dirt on Maya.

Wednesday ("Bill's Threats")
Bill gives Maya an ultimatum; Donna grows frustrated with Brooke.

Thursday ("Hope's Emotion")
Hope's feelings are painfully obvious when she visits Thomas and Oliver at the beach house

Friday ("Hope and Steffy")
A brokenhearted Hope runs into a very happy Steffy; Liam and Bill share a special moment as they discuss the realities of life.

Daily Spoilers week of May 6

5/6, Carter offers comfort to Maya; Brooke must deal with the results of her actions.

5/7, Caroline looks to Dollar Bill for relationship advice; Bill sends Justin to get dirt on Maya.

5/8, Bill threatens Maya to keep her away from Rick; Brooke admits to being in love with Bill.

5/9, Hope visits Thomas and Oliver; Brooke hesitates to tell Eric the whole truth when she goes to him for support.

5/10, Hope runs into Steffy; Liam and Bill talk about life.

TV Guide Previews

5/6, Maya finds comfort in Carter when she witnesses something she wishes she hadn't seen; Brooke is forced to face the consequences of her actions.

5/7, Caroline seek out relationship advice from Bill; Bill has Justin dig up dirt on Maya.

5/8, Donna becomes frustrated with Brooke, who admits that she's in love with Bill; Bill threatens to reveal more details about Maya's past if she doesn't stay away from Rick.

5/9, Brooke turns to Eric for emotional support, but she hesitates about telling him the entire truth; Hope wears her heart on her sleeve when she visits Thomas and Oliver at the beach house.

5/10, Liam and Bill share a father-son moment when they discuss love,life, marriage, and babies; Hope unexpectedly comes face to face with a very blissful Steffy.
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