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Apr 20 2013, 09:30 PM
Apr 19 2013, 02:03 PM
Steffy/Hope/Liam: The newly weds start their life happy life together but is Hope ready to give up? Prepare for an unanticipated heart-wrenching twist that will rock all involved.
Crap!!!! The triangle from hell is making its way back to the front-burner. Seriously, why wont this triangle just die already. I am getting tired of seeing poor weepy, winney Hope. She should move to another state or country. Seriously, why would she want back a man who has been boinking another woman for months? Really - I cannot understand.
Brooke/Bill/Katie/Bridget: Bill attempts to set aside his feelings for Brooke and recommit to his marriage. However, Brooke may be unable to keep their tryst a secret. When Bridget calls Brooke and tells her she's coming for a visit, Brooke devises a plan of her own.
And that's why I believe that heifer has an STD. Not to mention the other spoiler that said "Donna finds out some damaging information about one of her sisters that she wishes wasn't true.". Plus I dont think Brad Bell would be so quick to write another cancer story
Let's just hope they aren't going to have Brooke be pregnant yet again, with one of her adulteress flings! :yuk:
:D Brooke will not be pregnant just read during a check up the doctor will find something and that is why Bridgett is coming home. If Brooke was pregnant she would not tell Eric, and she tells Eric what is wrong with her, she does't have STD either.....you all crack me up so much hate for a soap character LOL!!!!!
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