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Apr 24 2013, 07:36 PM
Nick/Gabi/Will/Sonny - Nickís past catches up with him in a horrifying way, placing him, Gabi, Will, and Sonny in life-threatening danger. Vargas in involved. It also sets off another story that rages through the Summer, even after Gabi gives birth under some extreme circumstances. Someone else comes into the picture and the unexpected happens.

Hope/Ciara - Hope has her hands full with Ciara, who is acting out over her fatherís absence. Her behavior inadvertently puts several lives at risk.

Let me see if I can tie these together:

Ciara is like, TOTES angry that Dad isn't coming home and is starting to blame Mommy/Hope for it. Ciara REALLY wants to see her Daddy! One night, Ciara and Theo are having a sleepover and watch "Sleepless in Seattle". After watching the kid in the movie book a flight to New York on his own to meet up with Meg Ryan, Theo turns to Ciara and says "Hey, if you want to see your Daddy again, why don't you just do what that kid did?" And Ciara is all "BEST. IDEA. EVER!"

So Ciara steals Mom's credit card and books a flight online to where ever Bo is. The next day, Ciara pack her back pack and heads off by herself to the airport. But EARLIER...

Another one of Nick's old prison buddies shows in Salem. He wants to get in on this scheme Vargas and Nick have cooked up. Nick is already stressed out enough dealing with Vargas and tells the dude to fuck off. Dude is not happy. One day he sees Nick having a friendly conversation with Hope and Ciara and figures out they're family. Maybe Dude threatens to tell Hope that Nick is violating his probation and keeps harassing Nick. Maybe he even bugs Gabi and drops some anvil sized hints that Nick is up to no good again.


Ciara is sneaking around town trying to make her way to the airport and runs into the DUDE. Dude recognizes her, Dude decides to kidnaps her and tells Nick that if he doesn't give him what he wants, Ciara isn't going to make it home that night for milk and cookies. Nick flips.

Nick tries to take care of the situation but its not long before Hope realizes that Ciara is missing. Next thing you know, half of the Salem PD is out looking for the little girl. Meanwhile, Nick is shitting his pants trying to figure out what to do. Gabi sees Nick wigging out and demands to know what's going on. He tells her to back off and takes off. Not having it, Gabi goes after him. Of course Will and Sonny witness this exchange and realize something is terribly wrong and following Gabi and Nick.

Next thing you know Nick, Gabi, Will and Sonny cross paths with crazy Dude and everything goes tits up. Maybe crazy Dude has a drug problem and wants some of those fancy drugs that Nick and Vargas used to dole out in prison. Maybe he's going through withdrawal and he's desperate and crazy. Somehow he corners and threatens all of them - Nick, Gabi, Will, Sonny and little Ciara.

And THEN to make matters worse, Gabi goes into labor, right in the middle of all this crap.

So....whaddya think!?

ETA: Oh, and Vargas eventually jumps in and saves the day. He finds Ciara, Will, Sonny, Gabi and Nick and takes out crazy Dude. And therefore making Hope eternally grateful to him. Hope starts to see Vargas in a new light. Then months later, after Hope and Bo finally admit that their marriage is over, Vargas starts looking REAL GOOD to a lonely Hope.
the only thing i'd change is having Hope eventually get word that Bo is "dead". I don't see her moving on otherwise. (not to mention that the last thing we need is another supercouple's off-screen break-up)
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