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S loves EJ
Apr 23 2013, 08:39 PM
Apr 23 2013, 06:54 PM
Apr 23 2013, 01:25 PM
The woman promotes what is onscreen......and ppl being pissed off isn't something new either, and a big part of it also stems from the fact that your couple is not on the screen and her words are just not what you want to hear.....case in point, I had no interest in hearing who AS was rooting for to be with EJ in 2011 leaving out Sami.......as for her opinion on things like Sami being a victim, well that is HER opinion and it is not a wrong or bias one just because it is not the same as yours; there is no right or wrong answer there and context also goes a long way like when she talked about being different with JS it stems from the fact that he sets no boundaries, anything from slaps, pushing, shoving goes and given their grief sex scenes, I see exactly what she was talking about.

Thank you for saying this! Ali has the right to her opinion! If her opinion was that Safe is the best I certainly wouldn't like it or agree with it, however I don't think it would be fair to insult, ridicule, or make negative comments about her talent because of it. I love Ejami and am super happy that both Ali and James support it, but at the end of the day they are just actors doing what is written for them. As far as the interviews they totally and completely have the right to support or ship whoever they want. I think Ali is immensly talented and a great asset to Days. But that's my opinion and I respect the fact that other opinions differ from mine. Previously I always thought she was a Lumi fan. Pleasantly surprised. Btw Sami is not a vicitim and that's a fact not an opinion (j/k OMG don't stone me!).

I think Ali has the right to her opinion too, but I donīt think itīs very smart to say her opinion if it upsets any fanbase and eliminate fans. I can see how saying that she doesnīt seem Sami as a victim would make those who doesnīt like Ejami unhappy. Just as if she thought Safe was the best I would want her to keep it to herself. Still maybe she thought that she could make those on the fence about Ejami to give them a chance, and if she has said in the past that she didnīt think Ejami could ever work maybe she thought that the writhers would ever go there and that she could get the Ejamis to join Safe instead. Still it doesnīt seems to be a very wise thing to do since she gets angry fans down her throat. It should be possible to promote a couple without dissing other couples. Still whatever comments she has said about Ejami in the past it does seems she is happy and supporting of Ejami now, still even if she is a Ejami fan doesnīt mean she isnīt fan of the other pairings aswell.
As far as I am concerned, AS can like any pairing she wants. I think her lack of diplomacy with her fan bases is a bit much, and this is why I think everyone was better off pre-Twitter. The word "twit" is in it for a reason. You can't possibly fully explain yourself in 120 characters.

Still, her saying that she didn't view Sami as a victim bothered me not because I loathe Ejami, but more for the connotation it has as far as rape. Strides have been made for prosecuting assailants, but one of the issues in getting convictions is that the victim has to prove that they were a victim. Just recently there was a rape and all the media could talk about was the promising sports careers of the rapists getting derailed like it was such a sin. The victim became irrelevant. Look, AS can wear an I Love Ejami Cheerleader outfit with pom poems for all I care, but that statement was pretty irresponsible.
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