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Apr 24 2013, 07:24 PM
Marlena is heartbroken when John agrees to divorce
Sense, this spoiler makes none..
I'm sure this is all part of John's oh-so-intelligent plan. Because John is brilliant. Or something...

He doesn't really want a divorce. He just wants Kristen to believe he does, so she will want him back and dump Brady. Because apparently, John believes he is irresistible. Or something.

And of course, Roman will be waiting in the wings with open arms for Marlena. Because viewers are dying to see that too.

I dont know what grosses me out/pisses me off more:

1) Roman waiting in the wings.

2) John and Marlena's lack of communication. And the writers refusal to give them any indepth scenes.

3) John arrogantly thinking he is "the answer" to a Bristen breakup, because there's no possible way Kristen could ever love anyone else but him. (GROSS, GROSS, GROSS)

It's a toss-up, but all three make me want to punch someone in the face for it's obsurdity. As if John wouldn't include Marlena in on his plan? As if Kristen would want his ass anyway? As if Marlena would be so despondent that she would hang out with "Roman" again, when she has female friends like Hope and Kate?

None of that crap makes sense. It's disgusting and completely plot-driven.

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