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Panda Panda
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Apr 25 2013, 06:58 AM
Brown eyes are dominate, blue are recessive. Chelsea's are brown.
My Dad's eyes were brown, Mom's are hazel.
Oldest sister has brown, Brother has blue and mine are green (not hazel)
But genetics say brown over blue...
You kinda just proved my point. Yes, eye color is mostly an inherent gene but there are cases where someone has a completely different colored eyes (or lack of eye color) than the rest of their family.

Someone wouldn't be able to suspect a false paternity to their child solely because of a different eye color.

well do tell us how genetics works.
this show doesn't follow any legal or medical rules and you expect them to follow genetics?
I'm sure you can find a library book on the subject if you look. or you can just google it. whatever floats your boat.

And it's genetics, not Darwin's Theory of Evolution. of course a soap can't follow the basic biology of genetic inheritance 100% of the time, but having someone realize their child is not their child because the kid doesn't have the same green/brown/blue as the supposed parent would be beyond ridiculous and such a dumb plot point, lol.
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