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Director: Stephen Williford
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Anne turns around expecting to see Cameron stripping but instead sees Cowboy Dan aka Dr. Jonas gyrating on the stage. Seth - I thought you said Dr. Davis was the stripper. Sami and Caroline show up. I believe it's Abby that says let the party get started. Kristen sits down at Seth and Anne's table. Not without me you don't. Maxine has her wad of bills out and she's dancing to the beat. Anne stands up ready to let loose with all barrells blazing. Kristen tugs her arm - Would you sit down. I can't see a thing. Dan is doing his thing. Anne is aghast.

After Vargas stops because Nicole calls him Eric, she asks him why he stopped. Vargas - You called me Eric.

When Fr Matt asks if friendship is all it is between him and Nicole Eric replies, "No Father, it isn't."

Caroline and another woman rush the stage. Caroline stuffs some money into Dan's jeans. Anne tells Seth - It was supposed to be Cameron Davis. I don't know how this happened. You can't think this is a good idea. Seth shakes his head no. Jen, Maxine and Sami are all gushing. It's Sami's turn to stuff some money down the front of Dan's jeans. Kristen throws some money on the stage and yells 'Take it off.' Dan strips off his shirt and throws it right at Anne who acts like she just caught a live grenade. A bunch of young ladies run to her and ask her if she's going to keep it. Anne lets one of them have it and they act like they were given a million dollars. Jen yells out to Anne that she better get in line. Seth is going to leave. Anne - No, Mr. Burns wait. Cameron Davis will be out here and even if for some reason he doesn't show, look at what you just saw. Seth - Yeah, Daniel Jonas, our best surgeon. A man who's operated on more of our donors and their families than anyone at the hospital. What is it that you'd like to say about him Anne? Jen, Sami and Abby listen as Anne replies - This is a travesty. Jen - No, Anne, it's called fun, Anne. Sami - Yeah, what she says. You've got to lighten up Anne. Kristen walks up, "Are you Seth Burns?" I am. Kristen extends her hand - Hi, it's so nice to meet you. I'm Kristen DiMera. Seth - Ms DiMera, a pleasure. Your father's been an important part of our hospital board for so many years. He's provided so much assistance. Caroline leans in to Sami - And customers ... all the people the DiMera's have offed. Sami - Grandma, behave yourself here. Kristen - He's very proud of the work he's done on the board and in fact he's a very big fan of your new rehabilition wing for stroke patients; very cutting edge. Seth - That's my baby. If only we had more funding. Kristen - It's interesting that you should say that because I'm going to be holding his proxy at the next meeting. We should talk. Seth - Certainly. They step away. Anne rounds on the rest of the women - You think this is funny. I see what you're trying to do here and it's not going to work.

Segment 2: Jen runs up to stuff some money in Dan's jeans. He has money sprouting from all over the place. Dan and Jen kiss. Anne jerks Abby around so they're facing each other. You think your rich friends can protect your boyfriend from his disgusting ... Abby - Wait, Anne, I thought we were friends now. Anne - Oh please. Abby - At least that's what you said. Was that a lie? Abby turns her back on Anne. Dan keeps on dancing and collecting money. The ladies sit down. Sami - Grandma, are you serious; you have been here before. Caroline - Yes. In fact Rosa is thinking of making Friday night's a regular thing. Sami - Well if it keeps you young. Maxine - Drink up ladies, this round's on me. Jen - The next round is going to be on me. Thank you all so much for being here. Sami - We're glad to do it but what's the deal with Cameron. How did he end up here? Jen - He's just paying off someone else's debts. Maxine - And now Anne wants him to pay with his job. Sami looks over at the bar. Well I think Kristen's going to take care of it single-handedly. She's going to work over that Burns guy. Jen - Well Kristen always was charming. Caroline - When she wants to be. Sami - What about Daniel? He won't end up in trouble for this, right? Jen - No, the night is still young. This plan is going to work. Intro music for the next set starts, the women clap. Anne tells Abby - Maybe you can protect Daniel Jonas but when Cameron Davis comes out, he can kiss his job goodbye. Next on stage is Brady wearing a cops's outfit and the obligatory shades. He pulls out his billy club and starts his thing. Abby turns to Anne who is agape ... What's that, I didn't hear you? Sami comes up to Kristen. So this is why you're here. Kristen - Yeah. Daniel asked Brady to help and apparently he couldn't say no. Sami - Everyone loved Lexie so if they don't know Cameron, they'd do it for her. Kristen - I know, my sister was perfect and I'm never going to measure up. But then you wouldn't know a thing about that, would you Sami? Sami - Is this your idea of us bonding? Kristen - It's just something else we have in common besides EJ. Where is he? Is he backstage waiting to go on? Sami - EJ! No, this is not his style. Kristen - He'd have done it for you. Sami - He happens to be out of town. When Daniel called I was wracking my brain trying to think of guys who would do this. I even thought about calling Eric. Kristen - There's not exactly a commandment about not stripping, still I don't know. Sami - I can't help it. I don't think of him as a priest. He's still so normal, human. Brady is still dancing.

Nicole - I did not say that name. Vargas - I know what I heard. Nicole - I would never say that ... okay if this is a joke, it's a lousy one and you better make it up to me. They kiss. Nicole pushes him away - You were joking, right? Seriously, you better tell me if you were joking. I wouldn't say that name. Vargas - Okay, whatever you say. Nicole snaps - Vargas! Vargas - Look, I'm a lot of things but I'm not a liar. You called me Eric.

Fr Matt - How far has it gone? Eric - What? Fr Matt - You've got to lay it all out on the table Eric. Tell me. Eric - Nothing has happened. Nicole and I are friends. Fr Matt - You said that wasn't all. Eric - It isn't. My feelings go beyond friendship. I do love Nicole.

Brady removes his shirt. Kristen brings money to the stage and Brady kisses her. Jen asks Abby if the witch left. Abby - Not yet. She's not giving up for anything. Jen - You're kidding me. What is it going to take? Abby - Look. They watch as Anne stops Seth. Mr. Burns, you can't leave. Seth Burns - Daniel Jonas, our best surgeon. Brady Black who is on the board or his girlfriend, Ms DiMera, what do you think I should do to them? You're worried about our funding and our image in the community. He looks around. This is our community not to mention our funding. Anne - Listen, they're just trying to protect Cameron Davis. This is a blatant case of favouritism. Dr. Davis is a young doctor who doesn't understand his responsibilities clearly. Seth points to the stage. And I don't see him Anne. Anne - Wait, cause he'll be here. New music starts. Sami - So this is it. Cameron's going on. Jen - Not quite yet. Construction worker Rafe comes on the stage. Sami looks a little flustered. She downs a glass of champagne in one gulp. All the ladies go to the stage. Rafe notices Sami who waves her money at him.

Segment 3: Kristen watches Sami watching Rafe as Rafe watches Sami. Rafe removes his undershirt. Abby rushes to Annie and grabs her hands - Annie, why are you hanging back? Anne snaps - Don't touch me. Seth - Why does that guy look familiar. Abby - Oh, that's Rafe Hernandez. He's a detective at the Salem PD, former Special Agent of the FBI. Seth - Interesting crowd. Anne just shakes her head. Caroline stops Maxine from leaving ... there's going to be an Indian chief .. Maxine - I have to hit the cash machine. I'm out of singles. Caroline - I cashed in all of the waiter's tips. Maxine - Well you are one prepared lady. Caroline makes her way to the stage. Sami fans herself with her money. Kristen walks up - Mercy me. You were married to that! Sami smiles and shrugs.

Fr Matt - You're in love with Nicole. Eric - No, but I do love her and I think that's the right word. You know that Nicole and I share history. We've known each other since we were young, naive. Fr Matt - You're first love. Eric - It's been so long. We went our separate ways, very diffent paths. I still care. She has so much potential to be happy. She just keeps getting into these deadend relationships that only end up breaking her heart. When she came into the church she told me she wanted to change and I believed. Fr Matt - You believed she was sincere. Eric - She just keeps torpedoing herself every chance she gets. It's sad but it's not something I can't live with until now. Fr Matt - And what was different today. Eric - Nicole and a former inmate in here were making inappropriate actions. Every judgement she had flew out the window. She's going to make a horrible mistake and get burned by it.

Vargas - I've got an idea. No talking. That works, right? Nicole - Just for the record I don't know why I said that name. It doesn't mean anything. Vargas - Okay, forget it. I'm not thrilled about it but hey. Nicole - What do you mean you're not thrilled? Vargas - I've got eyes. You and Fr Eric ... oh God, are we going to do this now? Nicole - I'm sorry, but what aren't you thrilled about? Vargas - You've got the hots for the guy. Nicole - I do not! Vargas - I really think the not talking thing would work for us here. Nicole pushes him away. You know what, you're a real buzzkill. She gets out of bed.

Maxine comes running back waving bills. She makes a dash for the stage. (So funny!) Kristen - I can understand why that made EJ crazy 'cause that is real talent! Sami - EJ has nothing to worry about. Jen asks Abby how they're doing. They see Anne grabbing Seth, preventing him from leaving. Abby - She's like a dog with a bone. Jen - We have to keep going. We have to play this out. Rafe throws his shirt ... Seth and Anne duck ... LOL! The annoucer gets the ladies in a frenzy and they bring Rafe out for an encore. Dan returns on stage as well as does Brady and Cameron joins them. Anne - See, that's Dr. Davis.

Segment 4: All 4 guys are on stage doing their thing and collecting money like crazy. The music stops. They keep collecting money and then finally leave the stage. Sami laughs - Grandma! Caroline - Well I'm one now. Sami - What! Didn't you have fun? Caroline - Yes I had fun but I'm tapped out. Sami - We did a good thing. We're helping a good cause. We're helping Cameron. Caroline says something but I couldn't understand it. Sami - I know, can you imagine someone being so stubborn and proud they wouldn't ask for help. They both laugh. Kristen joins them. Who was your favourite? I may be a little bit biased but I think Brady wiped the floor with them. Jen, Abby and Maxine watch as Anne talks off Seth's ear. Jen - Do you think Burns is going for it? Abby - He can't make Cameron a scapegoat when all those other guys were up there too. How big of a hypocrite would he be? Maxine - As big as he needs to be. Burns is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he is a survivor and if he thinks he's going to get blowback for not acting, someone's head is going to roll. Jen - We don't know that. Maxine - It's a bad sign that he's still here. It means he doesn't know which way he's going to jump. And if he's not convinced by now ... They start clapping when Brady, Rafe, Dan and Cameron come out. Abby tells Cam that they're trying to see if this thing worked or not. Cam - Don't worry, we still have one more move to make.

Vargas - What's going on? Nicole throws his shirt at him. We're not doing this. Vargas - Oh man. Really? Okay, how's this. Nicole, baby, I know you don't have a thing for the priest and you can call me anything you want. Nicole - I don't need you judging me. Vargas - I'm not. Nicole - Just go. Vargas - There's a word for what (can't make out what he says). Nicole - What are you going to say to Eric about this?

Anne - Look, even if Jonas is a great surgeon you have to stay out in front of any scandal right now. Dan is listening as she continues - Public perception is everything when it comes to fundraising. Dan - You are so right Anne. And I'd say the public enjoyed it. Anne - Why, because they screamed like hyenas when you took your shirt off. That is not the image we want this hospital ... Dan - But they donated generously to a very worthy cause. Cam - And tonight was a fundraiser for the Pediatrics Wing on 4E. Anne - Oh please. Cam - The wing needs new furniture, new games for the kids. Dan - Every room needs new equipment. This is a start. Anne - This is a bribe. Do you see what they're trying to do? They're trying to paper over Dr Davis's second job. Cam - It's not about that. I worked here to pay off my loans. It was temporary and it never interfered with my job at the hospital. I know if it was up to you I'd be fired but it's not. Now sir, what do you say.

Segment 5: Seth - This was a wonderful event. The children at University Hospital are lucky that doctors who work long hours are so dedicated to their care that they'll go the extra mile to raise money. Cam hands him an envelope filled with cash. Anne - You can not do this. Jen - The man just wrote your press release. Take it Anne. Anne - The hospital's reputation is on the line sir. Abby - That's bull Anne. You hate my mom and me and you were trying to take it out on Cameron. Seth - If you'll excuse me, I have an early morning. Anne - Mr. Burns, I think in the cold light of day you will see ... Seth - I'll be making personnel changes, no doubt. He points to Jen - I'll see you in my office at 9am. Jen - Yes, I'll be there. He leaves. Anne - You all think you're so smart but this isn't over. She leaves. Kristen talks like a wicked witch - I'll get you my pretty and your dog too. Brady - Who was that lady? Get her a fruit basket. Maxine hi-5's Jen - Our ex - PR director. Cam - I can't thank you guys enough. You saved my job. Dan - Don't thank us. This was all Abigail and Jen.

Fr Matt - Eric, do you see what you're saying. You're talking about Nicole and her choices as if you could participate; as if you could give her answers to her choices. You can't. If she wants your advice give it to her. Guide her but that's all you can do son. We serve God Eric here, we don't play God. Eric - I don't think that's what I'm trying to do. Fr Matt - Well then take a good look at yourself. Try to find out why you think you can do things with Nicole that you can't with any other parishioner. Think about it son. He leaves.

Vargas - You mean Eric the priest who you don't have any feelings for. You want to know what I'm going to tell him. Nicole - You don't have to say anything. Vargas - No I don't because I like my setup at the church. I want to continue living there so I've got no reason to tell him how you really feel about him. But if he asks me I won't hesitate to tell him exactly how I feel about you. He leaves. Nicole throws something at the door.

Jen sits on Dan's knee and tells him it was hard to be a good sport when those women were sticking their hands down his pants. Dan - It was tough for me too. It's weird. I don't know how Cameron does it but if it's for a good cause ... Jen - It was a good cause for Cameron too. You saved his job. Dan - No, that was you and Abigail. Jen looks over at Abby and Cam - Let's hope for a happy ending there. Dan - Maybe new beginnings? Abby asks Cam if he was surprised when the guys joined him. I tried to call and warn you but they just told me to show up with money so we went with Plan B. I'm sorry but this was the only way out. And I owe you; this happened because I butted in and I was nosy ... Cam - Breathe! We do need to discuss this. Rafe says hi to Sami. She returns the greeting. You did great. Rafe - That was unexpected. Sami - Right. Rafe - Cause when I pictured it in my mind I just didn't imagine seeing anyone that I knew. Sami - Awkward. Rafe - Strange. Sami - Daniel and Jennifer called and said you needed a cheering section so I wanted to help. Kristen walks up - Rafe Hernandez. I can't believe we've never met. And now I will never forget how. You were great up there. Rafe - You're? Kristen - I'm sorry. I'm Kristen Dimera. They shake hands. I'm EJ's sister. She picks up Sami's hand - Whoa, Sami's soon to be sister-in-law. I can't believe he proposed. Let me see that ring. That is so pretty.

Segment 6: Cam and Abby are backstage. Abby - I know you didn't have a real choice in this but we had to do something. Anne was going to bust you tonight so we had to move really quickly. Maybe you could have come up with a better solution in time but we didn't have time. I know, breathe. I felt really awful and I still do because ultimately ... he kisses her.

Nicole runs into Fr Matt in the square. Nicole - I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention. Fr Matt - Apology accepted. Nicole - Let me guess. You found out I quit and wondered why. Fr Matt - I did. Nicole - I think it's for the best. Fr Matt - And that's how you intend to leave it? Nicole - What else is there? Fr Matt - Nicole, don't you think you at least owe Fr Eric a few words.

Vargas knocks on the door of the rectory and asks Eric if he can come in. He can. Vargas - Look, I meant what I said earlier. I know I wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for you. I don't want to mess this up. Eric - If that's true you need to avoid scenes like I walked in on. Vargas - Absolutely. Eric - No matter what Nicole may have said to you this was a violation. Vargas - It didn't happen and it won't happen; especially not with her. Eric - And what is that supposed to mean. Vargas - I'm done with her Father. As far as I'm concerned, she doesn't exist. Please forgive me.

Cam tells Abby that what she did tonight was really something. Thank you. Abby wants more. They kiss.

Dan and Jen are talking when a blonde walks over and asks Dan if he's really done for the night. Jen - Yes, he's done. Dan gives the lady his hat. Jen - Okay, you can stop now. Dan asks is she wants some help with her 9am meeting with Seth Burns. Jen - You've done enough tonight. Let's get you home.

Kristen natters on. That's such a pretty stone. What's it, about 2 carats? Sami - I didn't ask. Kristen - Right. I think it's 2 carats. It's not gaudy. EJ has nice taste. Rafe - I guess congratulations are in order. Brady comes over. Kristen gushes - Did you know EJ proposed to Sami. Look at this. Brady - Wow, I guess congratulations are in order. Sami - Thanks Bro. You looked good up there. Brady and Kristen step away. Sami - I'm sorry about that. Rafe - About what? Sami - Kristen in general. I just didn't want you to find out about this (she holds up left hand) like that. Rafe - It's good. You're happy. Sami - Yeah I am. Rafe - Great. That's all I ever wanted for you. He's going to leave but Sami asks him to wait.

Segment 7: Eric is in the rectory praying when Nicole comes in. She sees him praying and leaves.

Cam tells Abby he owes her an apology. I shouldn't have been like I was. You just wanted to help. If I had been honest with you from the jump then none of this would have happened. Abby - Then you never would have gotten to see how many people in this town really care about you Cameron. Cam - More like they care about you and your mom. Abby - No, they came here for you tonight. Cam - Nobody ever showed up for me like that ever and that's you. There's not even a word for how amazing you are. Abby - Make one up. Cam will work on that. I have an early shift tomorrow so I should go. Maybe I can say thank you another time. They kiss. Cam leaves.

Kristen tells Brady she has a big announcement to make. We're going to put a pole in our room. Brady - Only if you do equal time. Kristen - Sure. Brady - Should we tell Stefano about it. That just might do him in for good. Kristen - That's just gross. Should we wait for them, what do you think? Brady looks over at Sami and Rafe. No, they have their business to take care of.

Sami - I just wanted to say thank you. Rafe - For what? Sami - I know you weren't expecting this and I really appreciate you respecting me enough to not try and talk me out of it. Rafe - Well that's over. Sami - Really? You don't think that being with EJ is stupid and self-destructive and I'll end up regretting it the rest of my life. Rafe - See, you already know it. I didn't have to say a thing. He leaves.
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