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Mrs. H and Mr. B

Well, I'm an optimist but I'm also patient with regard to Shick after everything I've witnessed and even quitting watching for a couple years. For me too much has happened for them to do one of those "ta-dah" Shick is reuniting next week, sex ensues, then,bam, interference and insecurities set in and break up within a month. No thanks. I would need a slow, gradual realization that they are still in love.

Shick were on the outs for a while and I hated how much they grew apart and how they resented the other. They've finally got to a place that they are comfortable again and aren't petty or trying to lash out because of jealousy or anger. They are friends again and I love seeing how they still want the other to be happy and are genuinely concerned for their well-being. I don't think Nick truly trusts Sharon yet to have her life in order but I see him being so much more caring towards her. Sharon's head is swirling around with voices pulling her in so many directions. I really want Sharon to be completely whole again and not this ditz they portray her at more often than not who can't seem to tie her shoes when Adam is around. I never ever in the past regarded Sharon as some ditzy blonde who can't make up her mind so I really want her to make the right decision and not an impulsive one. Adam is bad for her and always has been. Her life goes to shit with him. I do accept their friendship, as odd as that is after everything, but these aren't your 2 most level-headed people. They are impulsive and being together only intensifies the chances things will spiral downward, but I don't think they need to hate each other at this point since they've both kind of moved past that.

But Dylan is a great new character which seems to fit nicely in the middle here and it seems that him and Avery are the "in love" couple with all the angst along with Chadam and them having a baby. Where Sharon and Nick end up if that happens remains to be seen. I just wish I could get into the character of Avery more because I feel Nick and Dylan are being wasted on her unless they did a recast. I think the girl who played Jessica on One Life to Live would be great recast.

But anyway, I just think Sharon needs not to jump into anything with anyone right now because Dylan, Nick, and Adam are both committed in their hearts at the moment to other people. I mean, Sharon herself is constantly telling Adam he is thinking of Chelsea. And then Adam telling her he'd use Sharon for sex was appalling. Run Sharon, run.

All in all, I'm not in a rush for Shick because I want the best possible Shick they can give me, not the quickest one they can dish out.
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