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Viewing Single Post From: May Sweeps Teasers!

Apr 24 2013, 06:03 PM
For the most part these spoilers sound pretty good! Color me shocked. I like a lot of what I read. I just hope, like Mitch said, that JJ isn't bowing down to Daniel's greatness after this. This needs to be a permanent thing. I also hope Dannifer stays near the backburner/C-story even with JJ involved.

The Stefano/Kate/Rafe thing is fun. I will always enjoy watching Rafe catch a beatdown. I hope its especially brutal. I'm guessing its a dirty cop that does it from stuff we've seen before. Maybe its someone who worked with Nick and Vargas in prison and not actually someone hired by Stefano. Can't wait to see Kate reveal her affair to the whole town, even though people are slowly starting to figure it out. I think they might have missed an opportunity to make Chrishell Stause be Cassie Brady. I mean Kate's daughter comes to town and starts falling for Rafe without realizing who he is and who he is sleeping with?

Thank GOD for some high stakes entering the Vargas, Nick, Gabi, Will, Sonny, etc. story. This show NEEDS some lives to be threatened and honestly needs some death. Everything has been status quo for MONTHS. Its time for a massive shakeup. Is it bad that I suddenly don't want Gabi to die??

The John and Marlena divorce spoiler is just stupid as hell. They aren't even married. And if we are to believe they got married offscreen, why doesn't Marlena just tell John she realizes what he's doing? She's too smart for this shit. Really she should be throwing a party when she divorces this asshole. His plan is pretty ridiculous. I feel HORRIBLE for Drake and I hope they didn't fire him after he went through this brutal storyline.

Don't know how Ciara can put lives in danger, but I'm glad they're involving Hope and Ciara in seemingly major spoilers.
Look at the drama Johnny caused with his prolonged case of hide and go seek. Ciara of the Corn could cause some damage.
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