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Panda Panda
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Apr 25 2013, 10:08 PM
ok, this is seriously nitpicky, but it still bothers me to high heaven that Kristen always refers to herself as EJ's sister. Maybe it's just me, but that's by far the last relationship I think of when I think about them. I realize they don't want to go this way given the ridic sorasing, but I would just prefer that they throw it out there every now and again that Kristen was his mother for a short time. Like, John could tell EJ, "If Kristen had gotten away with it all those years ago, I'd still think you were my son." To which EJ could reply, "that's a scary thought." or something else equally sarcastic and witty.

Just enough with the sister stuff!
The SORA's is so effed up that they can't really go into EJ's and Kristen connection. Honestly the most we go out of them referencing the baby fiasco was EJ mistaking Kristen for Susan all the way back in October. lol
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