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And count me in as one seeing chemistry with Kristen and John. Sorry.
IMO, John & Kristen have chemistry, unfortunately. I hate it as much as the heat of a thousand of suns. :angry:
Adversarial, yes.

Romantic, nope.
IMO it's romantic chemistry. I hope John's plan isn't seducing Kristen, but, the spark is there.
JMO, but sorry, I didn't notice any of the chemistry there (be it romantic or adversarial), all I could see was ED's superior acting skills. The way how DH was playing John was kinda weird. I don't blame the actor, maybe it's not his choice. But if John had to act sexy and seductive so he definitely wasn't anything like that. He was disgustingly smug and I frankly don't get what woman could be "seduced" with the attitude "It's not my fault that I am irresistible" he had on his face.

However as both Kristen and John are supposed to be playing their games there, they don't have to have chemistry at all unless the writers want us to have some doubts if Kristen is actually "only" playing John.

Idk maybe I'm biased. I watched John/Kristen/1993 edits on YT a couple of months ago and what I didn't like about that s/l was how obsessively John was chasing after Kristen before they became a couple. After I watched this s/l I can't feel even a little bit sorry for him no matter whatever she did to him. (BTW I don't feel that way about his other romantic pairings before Kristen, be it Marlena (1986), Diana (1987) or Isabella. This "I'm irresistible"-thing wasn't that obvious back then, IMO).
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