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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1: Jen and Dan are in bed kissing when he pulls back and asks her how she'd feel if he resigned from the hospital. Jen - I'd be really surprised. Dan - Me too. I've got to share this with you. Last night on the stage I felt so alive. I felt like I'd found my heart's, no my life's desire. Listen seriously. I want to stop being a surgeon and pursue my dream of being a professional stripper. Jen - That is so great. I can't wait to tell my mother because she was so worried I was dating a doctor. Now when I tell her that I'm dating a stripper ... that's bragging rights right there. Dan - I know it's going to take a lot of hard work. It's not going to be all bright lights and women shoving money in my shorts. It's hard work. Jen - If that's your dream, I'd never want to stand in the way of your dream. Dan - That is so sweet. Jen - You're dreaming. Back to real life, you need to pick up Parker from Aunt Maggie's. Dan says there's something else he needs to do; something important.

Vargas knocks on the rectory door and asks Eric if there's anything he wants him to do before he takes his break. No, you're free to go. Vargas - Father, look I know I thoroughly messed up with Nicole last night but you and I are cool now, right? Eric - I'm not so sure that we're cool. I'm working on a draft for Sunday's sermon in my office where you and Nicole were ... let's just say I'm pushing down a visual. Vargas - I said I was sorry. Eric - I let you off the hook. You still have a job. Don't you think it's pushing it a bit to say we're cool? Vargas - Maybe being a priest you don't know what it's like. Eric - What? Being a man. I know what it's like. Your personal life is your business and Nicole can do whatever she likes but this is my office where I work and where I live and the fact that you and Nicole were ... Why don't you go on your break? Vargas - Right, sorry. Eric mutters. I know what it's like.

Nicole looks at her phone and Eric's picture. She recalls getting caught by Eric and then saying Eric's name when she was in bed with Vargas. Nicole calls Eric. Hey, it's me. Eric - I know. What do you want.

John is at the coffeehouse. He recalls giving Kristen the baseball jersey way back when and now. He smiles. Come on crazy K, take the bait.

Brady comes down into the DiMera living room. He can't believe how late he slept. Kristen - You must have been exhausted. Taking your clothes off in front of a room full of screaming women is hard, hard work. Brady - It's a dirty job. Somebody's got to do it. Kristen - I'm not sure I like having to share you with all those women. When Brady is hugging Kristen he sees the jersey. Really? I was kind of hoping that thing would be donated to St Luke's clothing drive by now. I don't like looking at it. Kristen - It's not a big deal. I'll get rid of it today. Brady - But why haven't you gotten rid of it already. I don't understand. Does this have memories for you? Kristen - Well, yeah. It kind of reminds me of a time when your father and I were friends. It's as simple as that so it does have memories for me. Not what you wanted to hear, huh. Brady - It's alright. I asked the question, you answered. Kristen - But I was staring at it and I was thinking how I've changed so much since then. Not just me, your dad too. Back then he was not bitter, he was not manipulative ... sorry, I shouldn't talk about your dad that way. Brady - It's hard to argue that the man is not manipulative when he's been playing so many mind games lately. I think it's also pretty clear to me that he has some ulterior motive for giving you this but what is it. Kristen - That's kind of the 64,000 thousand dollar question, isn't it?

Ciara is sitting at a table at the outdoor cafe in the square looking at the picture. She puts it back in her knapsack when Hope sits down. Hope likes these late start school days because they get to spend more quality time together. She hamds Ciara a menu and asks her what she'd like. Ciara - Mommy, can I ask you something? Hope - Of course, anything. Ciara - It's about Brady and his girlfriend.

Segment 2: Dan - What do you think? Jen - I think that it's a terrific idea and I want to go with you. Dan - We're a team, right? Jen agrees but she has to go to the hospital herself to see about her job. Dan - There's no 'I' in team. Jen - There's no 'I' in enough already. Dan thought he'd give it a try. They kiss. Jen - We need to get this whole team out of bed right now.

Nicole - The reason I was calling was because ... Eric - Because of what? Nicole - I wanted to see when I could pick up my stuff. Eric - You know what, I have a meeting in about a half hour so I'll be out of your way. Nicole - Fine, I'll be there in a half hour. Eric - Goodbye Nicole. He hangs up. Nicole - Yeah, goodbye Eric.

Brady - I asked him why he gave that to you and he didn't have an answer for me, at least not one he wanted to share with me. Kristen - Maybe it was just a peace offering. Brady - A fruit basket is a peace offering. I'm going to go with first theory and that is he still has feelings ... Kristen - I don't think that's it ... Marlena ... hello! Brady - He loves Marlena but my Dad's still a guy and guy's have this universal quality that's ever so admirable. He's moved on but he doesn't want you to move on with anyone else. He doesn't want to see you with anyone else especially his son. Kristen - I guess he's in a tough spot. We're getting married and that's going to be the happiest day of my life. They kiss.

Ciara - What's the name of Brady's girlfriend? Hope- Kristen, why do you ask honey? Ciara - I know something about her.

Segment 3: Nicole walks up to the bar at the Brady Pub. The bartender greets her. Hey Nicole, it's been a while. One Bloody Mary, easy on the tabasco. Nicole - No one makes them like you Tom but not this morning, just coffee. She turns around and sees Vargas. Well this morning just gets better and better. Vargas - What a surprise to find you in a bar first thing in the morning. Nicole - Look, I don't want any drama right now. Vargas - Me either. I like my breakfast without the side of crazy so I'll get it somewhere else. He leaves. Abe walks up to Nicole. What's going on here? I thought the two of you were getting to be friends.

Hope - I was afraid this would happen. Ciara - What? Hope - My guess is that your friends at school have been talking about Kristen and well, people like talking about the DiMera's. But sweetheart let me explain something to you; it's very important. When people enjoy talking about the bad things someone has done that's called gossiping and it could really end up hurting somebody. You understand that, don't you? Ciara - But mommy, I wasn't gossiping. My friends didn't tell me anything. Hope - Okay, I'm sorry. Then why were you asking about her?

Kristen - Even if your father does have feelings for me, you have nothing to worry about because I love you with all my heart and everything else. Brady - You know what was great about last night ... you. Kristen - Why? Brady - Because you cheered and you laughed and you had a great time. And you did a great job of pretending that your fiance wasn't making an ass out of himself. Kristen - You weren't making an ass out of yourself. I saw my fiance helping Lexie's brother and I saw that my fiance was shockingly good at handling a nightstick. Brady - I love the fact that when this whole thing started with you and I we got along in bed really well but now, we get along full stop. I really like that. I really love you. I'm sorry about the whole jersey thing. I didn't mean to ruin our morning. Kristen - Unfortunately I have to get to work. Brady asks if she wants him to drop her off. Kristen - No, I've got something I've got to do. They kiss. Brady leaves. Kristen pulls out her phone.

John gets a call; he smiles - Why hello. Kristen - Meet me at my office now!

Segment 4: Nicole - How about we make this a 'none of your business' kind of day. Abe - I'm the liason for the Prison Outreach program. If there's a problem with Vargas it is my business. Nicole - There's no problem. Abe - I'm just trying to help. If Vargas has done something to upset you I want to know. I know having him coming to the rectory wasn't your idea. Nicole - Vargas didn't do anything and I don't want him to get in trouble. Abe - It's nice of you to worry about him and I'm sorry if it seemed like I was butting into your personal life. Nicole - Yeah, because my personal life is so fabulous, right? Abe, I know this is probably going to sound weird but could I ask your advice? Abe - About what? Nicole - Doing the right thing.

Eric tells Dan and Jennifer that Nicole should be here in about 20 mins. Jen - I have a meeting at the hospital. When you talk to her can you tell her to call me so I can thank her personally. Dan - Yes. Jen leaves. Eric - You two seem very happy. Dan - We are and in large part, because of Nicole. Eric - What exactly did she do?

Nicole - Sometimes when I think about the things that I've done, the things I've put people through, Jennifer and Daniel ... sometimes I think I never got over my mother dying; especially how she died. I'm not saying that I was ever a good person but after I lost her and I lost both of my babies ... Abe - You feel like you've lost your way and you're not all that interested in finding it again. Nicole - Yes, you too? Abe - I hold on for Theo's sake but there are days when I feel everything else in my life is pretty damn senseless. Nicole - But that's my point. Abe, you lost Lexie but you didn't go off the rails. You didn't, just as an example, try to send an innocent woman to prison. Abe - You wanted things to work out a certain way and when they didn't ... Nicole - I went crazy. Abe - I remember once your mother was talking about you and she was worried about you because you were always trying to control things. You couldn't let things just happen. Nicole - Is that what you're supposed to do? Abe - Let things unfold naturally then make good decisions based on what you're given. Nicole - You're asking a lot of me. Patience, good decisions ... who knows, it's new territory. Abe - It won't happen overnight but you've got to aim for it. I think you can do it Nicole. Nicole - Maybe if we'd had this conversation yesterday but now I think it's too late.

Ciara - I have something here ... Hope gets a call. Hold on. It's Daddy. Oh my gosh, I can not tell you how excited we are to see you ... what? She steps away. Brady, you promised. Bo, you promised. Ciara and I have dinner all planned; all your favourites. Bo ... Brady? Ciara - What happened? Hope - I lost reception. Ciara - No, what did Daddy say? Why do you look like that? Hope - I'm sorry, I have some bad news.

John comes into Kristen's office. You summoned me? Kristen - I sure did. You have been causing me a lot of trouble lately. John - Really, in what way? Kristen - You know exactly in what way and I want you to know that it ends today.

Segment 5: Dan - So Nicole not only tried to get Chloe to back off, she came to me and warned me ... let's just say the fact that Jennifer and I are back together and I didn't lose my son is again, in large part, because of Nicole. Eric - Really? Dan - I know it wasn't easy because she and Chloe go way back. She risked losing one of the few friends that she has. Eric - I guess she felt she had to do something to make up for ... Dan - Maybe it looks like that and part of it probably is but when she came to me she really was trying to do the right thing. I just want to thank her. Eric - I can see why. Dan - And I want to thank you for looking out for her; for being so good to her because she needs it and I think she deserves it.

Jen is talking to Seth Burns. When I quit I thought I was doing the right thing. I know this is going to sound strange but I thought I was doing the right thing for Daniel, Dr. Jonas. What I'm saying is I was wrong, I made a huge mistake. Seth - Are you saying you want your job back? Jen - Yes, that is essentially what I'm trying to say. Seth - I don't mean to pour salt in the wounds but that mistake was a very public one and didn't put this hospital in a good light. Jen - I know and I'm so sorry but that's what I do ... when I screw up, I screw up big time! Seth - But you don't screw up very often and there's never been anyone that's come close to doing the job that you've done here and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Jen - I told Daniel, Dr. Jonas, that this was my problem and I don't want him to influence your decision. Seth - He didn't. I'm talking about the letters from people here on staff who think it would be a good idea to have you back. My job is to think about what's good for the hospital. Welcome back. Jen - Thank you so much. Seth - I better get back to work and you should too. After he leaves Maxine walks up to Jen - I knew everything was going to be fine. She compliments Jen on how she took it on the chin like that. Jen points out that it was a private conversation. Maxine - This floor is my kingdom, nothing that happens here is private to me. Jen - Well I am so happy to be back in the realm of Maxine. They hug. Anne - You've got to kidding me.

Nicole knocks on the door of the rectory before going on. When no one answers she goes inside and starts packing her stuff. Eric comes in.

Kristen throws the gift bag at John. I want you to take back your stupid gift. John - Gosh, I'm sorry. I thought after you brought me all those photographs that you might enjoy a little trip down memory lane. Kristen - Did you notice that after I gave you those photographs that I left. My subtle way of saying I was trying to get rid of them. I didn't want them in my house. John - You don't believe that .. or more to the point, you don't expect me to believe that. Kristen - It's the truth. John - Nah. I disagree because if it were true than you would have used your daddy's shredder instead of driving all the way across town to give them back to me in person. You could have mailed them or used a delivery service. I've got to tell you Kristie that what you did was very illuminating. Kristen - Don't call me Kristie. John - Stop it Kristie. Marlena explained the subconcious to me. You know how people are always talking about moving on yet they keep doing things to keep the past alive. Kristen - Stop the games John. John - I really find it kind of weird that after you move on with Brady you're still so damned obsessed with the past. Kristen - I'm not obsessed. John - Back to the subconscious thing, you could have just taken the jersey, wadded it up into a great big ball and thrown it away but no, you demanded that we, you and me, talk about it face to face. Kristen - Because I have things to say to you face to face. I tried to be your friend, I really did but clearly that's not going to work because you're not going to stop trying to destroy my relationship with Brady. I'm telling you right now, I won't have it. John laughs.

Ciara throws her backpack on the ground. You lied. You lied to me! Hope - No sweetheart, I didn't lie to you. Ciara - You said we'd have a family again. Hope - We will, I promise. Ciara - No! You lied. Brady rushes up and hugs Ciara from behind. Stop, tell me what's going on. I'm not going to let you go until you tell me. Ciara - I miss my Daddy. Brady comforts her - That's okay. The envelope is partially sticking out of her backpack.

Segment 6: Maxine - Just what is it that you can't believe? That all that crap you've been pulling didn't work? That now everybody knows you're a lying, conniving ... Jen - This isn't a really good way to start the healing process. Chloe apologised for what she did and left town. Maxine - Everybody knows you're a lying, conniving ... Jen - Maxine, please. Maxine - I'll be watching. Jen - I mean that. Now that Chloe is out of town maybe we can just start over again. Anne - I don't think so and I don't think it's right that you can just sashay back in here and get your job back after the way you quit. Jen - I quit the way that I quit because of what Chloe did with your help. Anne - Right. I get it. I guess if my last name were Horton I'd think I could get away with murder too. Jen - Really, I think the reason you think you can't get away with murder is because you were stupid enough to get involved with Chloe when she was such an emotional wreck ... Anne - How dare you! Jen - How dare you try to get a good doctor fired so you could get a leg up in hospital politics. Anne - That doctor was amoral. Jen - Oh really. You're high moral tone would be really great if you weren't such a liar and a manipulator. Like I said I would really like to start off on the right foot so why don't you listen to me. Why don't you go to my office and get all of your stuff out of there in the next 10 mins and then try really hard to stay out of my way and not be who you really are and I think you might be able to hold on to your job answering to me.

Nicole - I thought you had a meeting or did you decide you needed to be here just in case I was stealing the chalice. Eric - I changed my meeting because I felt I needed to speak with you. Nicole - Okay, talk. Eric - I don't think you should quit. Nicole - What! Eric - I think I made myself pretty clear, I don't think you should quit. Nicole - Is there a reason for this change of heart because after last night that's a pretty big change of heart. Eric - From what I understand what happened between you and Vargas is over. Nicole - Not a match made in heaven. Eric - More than that Daniel came here with Jennifer. Nicole - I'm sorry, now I'm really confused because they're not my biggest fans with good reason. Eric - They both wanted to thank you for telling Daniel about Chloe and according to him, he has a son because of you. And he's with Jennifer because of you. Nicole - Maybe that's overstating things a little. Eric - I don't that it's an overstatement that you were just trying to help, to do the right thing. Nicole - Well I like to mix things up every now and then. Eric - And mix up everyone around you. What makes this so confusing is your record. Personally, criminally, it's easier to forget that basicly you're a good person. And the fact of the matter is I think my office will fall apart if you leave which is why I want you to stay. Nicole - Well I wanna stay but are you sure that's what you really want.

Ciara is now sitting on Brady's knees all snuggled against him. Hope - So we were really looking forward to tonight. Brady - I get that. Hope - This caught us by surprise and Ciara reminded me that we don't like those kind of surprises., do we? Ciara - It's not fair. Other kids, their parents don't go away all the time. Brady - You're parents don't go away all the time. Hope - She has a point. I've left her for long periods of time. Bo has left her for long periods of time. She's had to put up with a lot from the two of us. I'm going to try and get Daddy back on the line. Would you watch her for a moment? She steps away. Brady - You know something, you and me have something in common. When I was your age my Daddy was gone a lot. I didn't like it at all. Ciara - I hate it! Brady - But you know what I figured out. My daddy hated it too. He didn't like it either just like I know your Dad doesn't like it either. And I bet you your mom is going to come back with a story that your daddy had that he couldn't help. Something happened and it wasn't his fault ... and I know that's how it's going to be because there's no one your dad would rather be with than you and your mom. Ciara - So, do you see your daddy now?

John - Oh gosh, if I knew you were going to get so upset about it I never would have given it back. Kristen - I think you're a liar. You've been trying to upset me. Did you ever think about how your son would react? Brady's very angry. John - I know. I talked to him last night. Does it strike you that the two of you are kind of a volatile couple. This jersey seems to have taken on a great deal of importance. One can only imagine what would have happened if I'd given you the whole thing. Kristen - Time for you to go. John - No, no, no. You summoned me, now here am I. You and I are going to talk. We're going to put all our cards on the table face up.

Segment 7: Jen comes home to find Dan reading Parker a story in front of the fireplace. I did it! I got my job back. Dan - I knew that. You didn't think Maxine could sit on news like that, did you? Dan lights a candle on a cupcake. Jen - It's not my birthday. Dan - But he likes to blow them out. Parker gives her a picture that he and Dan collaborated on. Dan tells her to make a wish. Jen - That would be dumb because I already have everything I want. Parker blows out the candle.

Eric - Yes, I want you to stay. Nicole - Because I'm the only one who knows how to work the copy machine? Eric - That and the fact that you know we've ... Nicole - What? Eric - That we've been friends for a very long time and I hope that we can stay that way. Nicole - Me too. I want to be friends forever. Eric - I like the sound of that. He takes her hand in his.

Brady - I saw my Dad last night. Ciara - Did you have dinner together? Mom and I made chili for Daddy. Brady - I love chili so much. You know the best thing about chili is you can freeze it and you can have it whenever you want. So if you don't have it tonight, you can have it tomorrow. His phone rings. Ciara - Maybe it's Kristen. Brady - No, just dumb work stuff. Ciara - You know what, I know something about your girlfriend. Brady - Really, and what would that be?

Kristen - My cards are on the table. I want you to leave Brady and me alone. I want you to take your stupid jersey and get out of my office and I want it to stop. Just take it and get out. She starts pushing the jersey against him ... cue moment.
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