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Apr 26 2013, 08:19 AM
Segment 4: Nicole - How about we make this a 'none of your business' kind of day. Abe - I'm the liason for the Prison Outreach program. If there's a problem with Vargas it is my business. Nicole - There's no problem. Abe - I'm just trying to help. If Vargas has done something to upset you I want to know. I know having him coming to the rectory wasn't your idea. Nicole - Vargas didn't do anything and I don't want him to get in trouble. Abe - It's nice of you to worry about him and I'm sorry if it seemed like I was butting into your personal life. Nicole - Yeah, because my personal life is so fabulous, right? Abe, I know this is probably going to sound weird but could I ask your advice? Abe - About what? Nicole - Doing the right thing.

Nicole - Sometimes when I think about the things that I've done, the things I've put people through, Jennifer and Daniel ... sometimes I think I never got over my mother dying; especially how she died. I'm not saying that I was ever a good person but after I lost her and I lost both of my babies ... Abe - You feel like you've lost your way and you're not all that interested in finding it again. Nicole - Yes, you too? Abe - I hold on for Theo's sake but there are days when I feel everything else in my life is pretty damn senseless. Nicole - But that's my point. Abe, you lost Lexie but you didn't go off the rails. You didn't, just as an example, try to send an innocent woman to prison. Abe - You wanted things to work out a certain way and when they didn't ... Nicole - I went crazy. Abe - I remember once your mother was talking about you and she was worried about you because you were always trying to control things. You couldn't let things just happen. Nicole - Is that what you're supposed to do? Abe - Let things unfold naturally then make good decisions based on what you're given. Nicole - You're asking a lot of me. Patience, good decisions ... who knows, it's new territory. Abe - It won't happen overnight but you've got to aim for it. I think you can do it Nicole. Nicole - Maybe if we'd had this conversation yesterday but now I think it's too late.
I just love this. Abe and Nicole need to build a father/daughter relationship like yesterday! TFP.
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