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Apr 26 2013, 11:54 AM
Apr 26 2013, 11:48 AM
She was only 36?! And playing Renee's mother? They're like the Lexie and Celeste before Lexie and Celeste.
To be fair, when Renee was 1st introduced she was late teens. I even think her 21st birthday was celebrated on the show and I think it was after Lee was gone (but please don't quote me on that). I remember reading something from later in the characters run that mentioned Renee's age and I was kinda surprised because I never realized she was THAT young (as a kid, everyone was "older" to me lol). It was one of the reasons when Phelice Sampler became Donna Love on AW everyone was SO put out because she had just played such a young character who suddenly went to playing the mother of characters not that much younger than the character she'd previously played just a few years before.
Oh! So Sampler was just playing younger. Okay.
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