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^o) Uhm...I was just making an observation, unlike Friday, where it was preempted nationally, Wednesday it wasn't, the show just got cut in the final 10 minutes or so....

Last time I checked we were allowed to make observations correct? I'm not quoting you....It's a general statement....

The ratings are not all that wonderful frankly, no grand collapse but not ratings gold either...the show is awful IMHO
Given the convo above and the fact that there are ratings for Wed, that's some observation......and some ppl missed the beginning as well, it was not just the end affected. There is no collapse, they are maintaining their avg and given DOOL's track record for this period over the last yr, that alone is an accomplishment.
What I donít understand is why DAYS is the only one to take a hit on Wednesday? Iím sure other soaps were pre-empted that day but you would never know it by looking at there ratings! :shrug: :shrug:
I didn't quite get that either. None of the other soaps were really affected on Wednesday. In my area Y and R is on from 12:30-1:30 and B and B is on from 1:30-2:00; Days overlaps both shows being on from 1:00-2:00. In some areas GH is shown opposite Days, so if Wed affected Days, wouldn't it have affected the other soaps, too. :shrug:
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