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I do like Rafe and Gabi's relationship. I just wish they would quit putting so much makeup on Gabi and Abigail. If they need to paint them for hi-def, surely they can do that without making them look like they are in their 40's.

I love Kate. I used to hate this Kate and Nicole, and they have completely become my two favorite characters. Her scene with Nick was made from much win. Just menacing enough to keep him unsettled. Nick might be brilliant, but he isn't necessarily the smartest guy in the room. I think he forgets just who he is messing with. Ditto for Nick and Hope... I love you too, you goddess you. Putting Nick on the spot in front of Gabby like that is exactly the way to play his game.

Sami and Will are just ridic with Stefano. As if the moment Sami smiles pleasantly at him he isn't completely aware of what they are up to. I think I'm back to a healthy hatred of Sami now. That pink streak/nail polish/neon highlighter jacket combo is sending me into a rage. And I got a new dress and new perfume today, so I am quite pleased with myself and finding most things pretty delightful. Thanks alot, stupid Sami. You always ruin everything.

Kristen's dress and lipstick are really pleasingly coordinated with the paintings on the wall. I just can't with John, though. In theory, I'm all for it, but whatever John thinks he is accomplishing is either overly convoluted or just plain stupid. Blah blah blah, I'm sure he is trying to keep Marlena safe while he tries to get Brady away from Kristen. If he wanted Brady away from Kristen, all he would have to do is hang out with his wife and be happy. Whatever his plan is, he really should do the opposite. For the record, I'm creeped out too, Brady.
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