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Seriously? Maxie giving the smackdown to Ellie? Carly's heart to heart with Sabrina? Britt's manipulating Patrick? That was all interesting! The only slightly snoozeworthy thing was Anna and Duke, but even that was OK. I watched the whole show.

Connie's on my shitlist for treating "new Maxie" that way and firing her so callously.

I'm rooting for Ellie to get to the truth about Maxie's baby, and how better to do that than with a flash drive!

Just what kind of game is Britt playing? She's reminding me of Sami on Days, long ago threatening to have an abortion, to manipulate Austin. I don't believe she plans to go through with it, but can't figure out her angle. This couldn't have been just about cancelling a date that Patrina could easily reschedule.

Maxie, how in the HELL were you eight and a half house late for work just from hanging out at the pub (we saw that) and helping Dante (it was short!) and laying the smackdown on Ellie at the hospital (again, something that didn't take that long).
Definitely not a good example on your first day of work.

Cheering for Ellie with all I've got right now! But for a woman of science who's supposedly smart, she couldn't be stupider for not going to the most logical thing: that it's Spinelli's baby.
What kinds of secrets do people hide about babies? Well, the #1 one is PATERNITY, Ellie!! :soapbox:
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