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Apr 26 2013, 09:02 PM
LW looked so beautiful today! Love the hair and makeup.

I wonder what Johnny wants with Konnie?

I just can't with Sabrina/Patrick/Brit....Free Patrick!

I have to admit I liked Konnie today, she's not as bad as she use to be.
The look on new Maxie's ace when Connie fired her said it all.
You do NOT treat people like that, especially during this down economy.
Connie was a stone cold bitch for treating that poor girl that way. Breaking her heart that way. She's on my shitlist today and I hope Connie DIES for it.
Hopefully, she'll redeem herself. But that wasn't very humanitarian. So for now, I'm voting for Connie to die a terrible death. Karma's a bitch, Connie/kate/whoeverthehellyouare.
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