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Harlee Kin
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Promising, very promising I say!

John has a plan, hope it is better than flying to Italy to knock on a door and the fly home. I think he did have an espresso. Kate buys a gift? She has horrible taste, Sami will need therapy after seeing the gawd awful cheap thing Kate buys her. Good luck. I hope it is a burgular that breaks into Jennifer's house, then she develops a strange fetish becoming invigorated by the danger and she sleeps with him! Then she develops a double life, HRH by day and by night a pleasure seeker living on the edge while Danny Boy works his butt off at the hospital pining for Chloe. Cameron needs money? Is he a drug addict? He is a doctor, we are well paid! And and exotic dancer, we are also well paid! $600 and hour! Don't tell me women make more on this cos he is a male stripper and men always make more, the lag or gap or whatever they call in the money making industry.
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