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John successfully seduces Kristen, but before he gets her to bed (and on camera, for Brady to see, just before doing the deed), Marlena catches them at Basic Black and dies of a broken heart.

John is guilt ridden when he confesses that his seduction of Kristen was all part of a plan to rid them all of her, and now, what was it for, since the love of his life has died?
Brady walks in just at the moment that Kristen cackles about how she couldn't have imagined Marlena's death, but her plan of destroying John, Marlena and Brady is complete, and vengeance is hers.

Brady looks at Kristen in disbelief. Kristen sees him and gives a smirk. Brady drops to his knees, along with his father and the two hug each other over Marlena's lifeless body.

But grief soon turns to rage, as Kristen won't stop cackling and dancing about her victory. She shows no remorse, and even glee in Marlena's death, and John and Brady lunge at her.
Brady holds Kristen down and John successfully strangles her.

Just then, Roman walks in...
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