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Apr 26 2013, 11:05 PM
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IMO it was the most desperate and depressing love scene Bristen's had so far. I almost felt sorry for them LOL. However it was a cute scene.
Disagree. Definitely....lets say.... :fan: whew!
Just saw it. It was very, very sexy.

John smirking on the bench? Not so much. Go reconcile with Marlena, John, so I can root for you again.
Oh. I didn't mean that in a bad sense at all. Maybe my words didn't come out right. I really enjoyed the scene because it was kinda different and there was some room left for multiple interpretations.

What I'm sensing is that writers are about to start playing the audience again - one day we are supposed to believe Kristen has feelings for John, then she has a plan, then she has feelings for Brady, then again for John, then a plan and so on. This is interesting but only to some extent. If it's too much you just give up guessing.

And I was nearly happy before reading your post that John wasn't smirking or at least not so obviously as before or was he?
And about reconciliation with Marlena - did you see the new spoiler pics - John becomes Jennifer Horton No 2 in the worst sense of the word :shrug: (it looks like writers are having creativity block or so).

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