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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1: Nick and Kate are in the park. Kate is using his iPad - This is going to incredibly successful. Nick - I made some adjustments to the formula. Kate - Every woman is going to want this product. Nick had a feeling she'd like it. Kate - I do but I also want to make it very clear to you that while I'm impressed by your work I also can't stomach the sight of you. Nick - Don't you think that was a little harsh. Kate - Even if it was it doesn't compare to you because what you're doing to my grandson is beyond harsh. Nick - If EJ and Sami hadn't pushed Will to get a paternity test this never would have happened. Kate - I don't know if I believe that. Nick - We feel differently about this but I really don't see what it has to do with the job that I'm doing. Kate - I'll tell you what it has to do with it. You're an ex-con and you have a really, really good job that supports your wife and the baby that's on the way. Now if you were to lose that really good job I don't think it would be so easy to find another one like it. Nick - So you're threatening me. Kate - I'm reminding you that you serve at the pleasure of the queen and if you push me too far ... which means, pushing Will to hard, then maybe you'll be able to find a job with the Vienna Boys Choir in the soprano section.

Rafe and Gabi are in the Pub. Rafe is checking out his smart phone - I'm on Caroline Brady's Facebook page. Gabi laughs. You in all your glory and Dr. Davis and Dr. Jonas ... it was too funny. Rafe - OMG! Gabi - Here's my brother all buttoned up stripping for a room full of women. Rafe - It was for a good cause. It was for the children at the hospital. Gabi - Come on! Rafe - And I do not want to talk about it anymore. How are you? Gabi - I'm fine. I want to meet Arianna Grace and I kind of want my body back. We're both fine. I kind of noticed that Kate wasn't in any of the pictures. Rafe - It was kind of a last minute thing. I didn't tell her about it. Gabi - I also heard that Sami was there without EJ. Rafe - Sami probably only went last night to make sure her Grandma got home okay. Gabi - Yeah. EJ was probably busy. Rafe - Beat's me. Gabi - It didn't bother you that she was there, did it? Rafe - Why would it? Gabi - Come on. I know I'm the reason you guys aren't together. Rafe - I keep telling you it wasn't meant to be. Gabi - But you two were happy when you were married and then when you got back together ... imagine if I'd never gotten pregnant with Will's baby and that things hadn't blown up in our faces ... if that hadn't happened you'd still be ... Rafe - We wouldn't be anything and if Sami really wanted to be with me she wouldn't be marrying EJ.

EJ is on the phone in the living room but ends his call when Sami comes in. That was his father. He's on his way back. We'll tell him about us and we'll find a way to talk about William's situation. Everything is going to be fine for William, for all of us.

T, Sonny and Will come into the coffeehouse. Sonny - T, how come you never mentioned you suck at paddling a kayak. T - Ok, ok, let's give it a rest. If I was in a one man kayak I'd fly right across that lake. Will - You were paddling us in circles. You were making me nauseous. Will gets a call from Sami telling him he has to get to the DiMera's. Stefano is on his way back. Today's the day. EJ's going to tell Stefano about our engagement. He thinks that will put Stefano in a good mood. Once Stefano is happy and jolly the idea is for you to stop by. Stefano will want to catch up with you and then you can tell him about the baby and what Nick is doing. Will is more than a little nervous for more than a few reasons. Sami - We have to do whatever it takes to get Nick out of the way.

Ciara - I know something about your girlfriend. Brady - What? Ciara - She has lots of money. Brady - How do you know that? Ciara - Because she gives it away to people. You have to have a lot of money to do that, right? Hope tries to get hold of Bo without any luck. Brady - Kristen, my girlfriend, she likes to help people. She volunteers all the time. One time she even coached a little league baseball team years ago. And she gives money to the charities, even to the church. Ciara - I wasn't talking about the church. Brady - What were you talking about then? Ciara - I'll show you. She pulls the envelope out of her backpack.

Kristen tells John to let her go. Kristen throws the jersey in his face and moves back. John - You okay? Kristen - I'm great. Get out.

Segment 2: Gabi - Sami's engaged to EJ! I've seen them hanging out a lot but I hoped ... Rafe - What? That she wouldn't be that stupid again? Yeah, sorry. They're already living together at the mansion. Gabi - Are you okay with that? Rafe - Why wouldn't I be? I don't give a damn what Sami does.

Sami tells Will if he's backing out he better say so now. Will - Seeing my little girl is more than worth getting him involved. I have to get cleaned up and showered. Sami - You have a little bit of time. Let me talk to Sonny. Will tells Sonny that his mom wants to talk to him. I'm going to get showered and changed. T asks Will if he got bad news. Will - No, good news. Things are going to start turning around for me. Sami has something for Sonny to do. I want you to tell me exactly where Nick and Gabi's bedroom is at Victor's and exact times when they're not there. Sonny - How soon. Sami - Now. Sonny's on it. Will rushes back in for his phone. I'm going to need that. Sonny asks if everything's okay. Will - Stefano came back today.

Nick - I'm sorry you feel that way about me Kate but I think it would be better for both of us if we focused on what we agree on which is business interests and the welfare of Arianna Grace. And while we're on the subject after the baby is born I'd like to start working from home. Kate - I couldn't care less where you work from as long as you keep coming up with good ideas like you did. BTW you didn't mention this to anyone else in the company, right? Nick - No. Kate - Good. Not everyone that works there is trustworthy like you. Nick - Don't worry. I know how cutthroat the cosmetics industry can be. I understand the need for secrecy.

Ciara hands Brady the envelope and at that moment Hope returns. Sorry I took so long. Brady - That's okay. Ciara was just giving me the lowdown on Kristen. Hope - What? Hey honey, didn't we have a talk about gossiping? Ciara - But Mommy, I wasn't doing that. Brady - It's okay. She was very complimentary. Ciara - I don't like you guys talking about me like I'm not even here. Hope - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Ciara - Why can't I talk to Daddy? Daddies don't hurt your feelings. They love you the most.

John picks up the jersey. I know you don't care about anything I think, feel or say but after all you asked me to come here and so I'm not going to leave until the spy in me finds out why. Kristen - What do you want from me? John - Nothing but if you need discourse I could explain why I brought you the jersey. Kristen - Go for it. John - Remember the day I gave it to you. Your team had just beaten the 1st place team in the league and that right fielder ... um ... you know, the kid with the runny nose ... Kristen - Kirby Gellman. John - Yeah, he finally caught a pop fly; first one of the year. What a time! Last out of the game, final inning and I was watching that kid while his teammates mobbed him and all I could think about was the hours you spent with him; hitting him pop ups so he could have himself that moment. That's when it dawned on me what an incredible woman you were. Kristen - And all I got was that lousy jersey. John - It was the best I could come up with at the moment. Kristen - I remember I was pretty flustered. I tried to put it on over my baseball cap - she giggles. John - You believed in those kids. You turned them into winners. I'll tell you something, I betcha they remember you to this day. Anyway that was when I realised I was falling in love with you. You were incredible Kristen and I just can't help but wonder in spite of everything that's gone on between us, if you could be that woman again. Anyway this thing here is my simple way of saying my money's on you girl. He holds out the jersey. Kristen swats his hand aside. You lost that bet John. That woman's dead. You killed her.

Segment 3: Hope and Brady are talking alone now. Hope - She doesn't usually have meltdowns or talk to me like that. Brady - I shouldn't have teased her about talking to me about Kristen. Hope - It's not that believe me. She just misses her daddy so much. I told her he was coming home and then I had to tell her he got delayed. Now he's on a plane and I can't get a hold of him at all. Brady - Poor kid. Hope - It breaks my heart. Brady - Good luck. I've got to go. Hope thanks him and he leaves. Hope goes back to Ciara who asks if they can call daddy now. Hope - Sweetheart, I told you, Daddy's on a plane, sorry. Ciara - Does he not want to talk to me? Hope - No! It's just that cell phones don't work on airplanes. Ciara - Did you tell on me? Hope - No, there's nothing to tell. I told Daddy that you miss him and you're very sad he's not here. He's going to call us as soon as he can, I promise and then he's coming home. We love you so much. She hugs her. Ciara - Just not when I talk too much. Hope - You're a very honest little girl who says what's on her mind and you know what, I love that about you. Ciara - Really? Hope - Yes, really. Come on, I need to get you some breakfast and then I need to get you to school. Ciara - Can we go to the pub? I like Grandma's chowder for breakfast. Hope - Why not!

Will - What did my mom want from you? Sonny - She wanted me to do something for her. No big deal. Will leaves again. T - So what just happened? Will went from being totally happy to uptight after one phone call. What don't I know?

Nick - Were you at the club last night? Kate - What club? What are you talking about? Nick - This charity thing. Caroline Brady says it was a club benefit for the children's wing of the hospital ... the strip club ... a bunch of the local guys performed. Kate - What local guys? Nick - Let's see. There was Dr. Jonas, Brady Black, Gabi's doctor Cameron Davis and Gabi's brother, Rafe. I'll see you.

EJ tells Sami not to be nervous, everything is going to be fine. Sami rants. EJ assures her that Stefano is going to be thrilled that he's marrying the mother of his precious grandchildren. Stefano comes in when they're kissing. This I gather is the big news. Sami holds up her left hand.

John - So the girl in the baseball cap is gone. Kristen - Yeah. She was too stupid to live. You see John she thought the rules of life were as fair as the rules of baseball until of course she learned otherwise from you. John - It's too bad because that girl was the real deal. Brady walks in and sees John and Kristen close together both holding the jersey. What's going on here?

Segment 4: Stefano declares that it is wonderful. My son, finally, you gave got what you want. EJ cracks the champagne. Sami asks for tips on being a grandparent. Stefano toasts, they drink.

Sonny - Will's fine. T - I've known Will since we were kids. I can tell when something is wrong. Sonny - He just got off the phone with his mom; you know how she can be. And he's going to be a father in a few weeks. T - I've seen Will raise his brother and sisters as long as I've known him so he's going to rock this dad thing. Sonny - Keep telling him that. T - You guys are going to be great. I'm outta here and next time we're going to do 3 one man kayaks and I'll kick all your asses. He leaves. Sonny calls the mansion. His mom answers. Sonny knows he hasn't been around lately. That's why I called. I wanted to see if you're busy ... I'd like to stop over. Adrienne - Do you need directions. Sonny mentions everyone else living in the house ... Adrienne - You're in luck. They're all out. Sonny - I'm on my way.

Kate finds Rafe in the square. Well hi. Rafe - Hi. He kisses her and tells her to relax when he catches her looking around. I decided I don't care who sees us together. Kate - Okay. I was going to call you last night but I had this ridiculous business meeting that went on forever. Rafe - I get it. Kate - I gather you found something to do. Rafe chuckles. Like you don't know. I must say it was a unique experience watching a bunch of screaming women watching me when I took my clothes off. Kate laughs - I bet. So was Sami there?

Sami answers the door and tells Will it's going good. Stefano seems to be in a good mood. She comments that Johnny's soccer ball is a nice touch. Remember, Stefano has to think that this is his idea. Will pretends like the only reason he's there is drop off the soccer ball. When he's going to leave Stefano tells him to stay. We are celebrating. Stefano asks Will if her remembers when he used to teach him - he points to the chess board. Will - Yeah, you killed me everytime. Stefano - Are you still playing. Will - Some. Stefano - We could have a rematch. Sami says they can play now. EJ - Sure, father's never as happy as when he's killing someone ... at chess.

Brady - I told you to stop playing mind games. John - Kristen called me that's why I'm here. Brady - Don't blame this on her. I'm sick of your games. I told you to leave her alone, you're not, so now you're going to answer to me. He grabs John's lapels. Kristen - Please don't do this. Stop.

Segment 5: Rafe - Yes, Sami was there and so was Kristen DiMera and Jennifer Horton and her daughter ... if you want to check it out I hear there are plenty of pictures on Caroline Brady's Facebook page. Kate - Oh. And I understand this was for charity. Rafe - Yes, for the Children's Wing of the hospital. Kate - Well, pulls out a rolled wad of bills. Rafe - Wow, someone's been to the bank today. Kate - Yes, $500, a donation to the charity and I thought maybe at some point you could show me your act in private. Rafe - I think we could probably work something out.

Sonny apologises to his mom for not being around lately. Will's been feeling pretty bad. Adrienne - Giving up your rights to your daughter can do that to a person. Sonny - Yeah, but he's learning to deal with it. Adrienne - How? I still don't understand how he could do that. I also don't understand why Nick and Gabi didn't say a word about it. Sonny - Really, not a word? Adrienne - None. Sonny - They're living here, how's that working out.

Hope is talking to Nick and Gabi at the pub. Ciara misses her Daddy terribly. She can't bring herself to be angry at Bo so she gets angry at Mommy instead. Having Bo's kids has been the joy of my life so you take the bad with the good. Gabi - We're really looking forward to being parents. Nick - Good days and bad days. Hope - If you two need some couple time you know you can trust her with Will and Sonny, right? Gabi nods yes. Nick - Do you really think that's an ideal life for a little girl? Hope - What do you mean by that? Gabi - Yeah, Nick, what are you talking about?

Stefano is giving Will pointers on chess as Sami and EJ watch. Then one day you'll be able to teach your daughter. Silence. Stefano - What's wrong? EJ - If I may father, William has a little bit of a problem. Stefano - What problem? EJ - May I tell him William? Will - Yeah, I guess so. EJ - William signed away his rights as a father. Stefano - What! Why would you do such a thing? Sami - He didn't have a choice. The truth is he's being blackmailed by Gabi's husband, Nick Fallon. Stefano - Nick Fallon has a record. How could be blackmail anybody? EJ - He found out what William did to me the first time Samantha and I were married. Stefano - We have forgiven William, what's the problem? EJ - The problem is the evidence is still at the police dept. Stefano - And Fallon knows this? EJ - He does. Stefano - Unfortunate. Your move William.

Kristen - I don't want you to get hurt again. Brady - Who says I'm the one who's going to get hurt. He pulls away. I don't want him hassling you anymore. Kristen - He's right. I did ask him to come over here. Brady - Why? Kristen - Because I wanted him to take this stupid jersey back. I wanted him to know that it's not going to accomplish anything ... John leaves with the jersey ... which I did in no uncertain terms. Brady rants - He's not going to stop. He starts knocking things over. Kristen - Please don't.

Segment 6: Kristen - You can't let him get to you. Brady - Why didn't you throw the jersey away? Why did you call him? Kristen - It was a mistake. I see that now. Brady - When I walked in I saw the way he was looking at you. Kristen - I didn't encourage it. Brady - This whole thing is creeping me out. Marlena is supposed to be his soulmate, the love of his life. Now they're separated and he can't leave you alone. The guy is not over you. How do you feel about that? Kristen - What kind of question is that? Brady - You spent a lot of years obsessing on him and getting nowhere. That seems to have all changed. I need to know if it brings back those old feelings you had for him because if it does we're finished.

Adrienne - It's all pretty friendly and polite with Nick and Gabi. Sonny - So you don't know what their life is like? Adrienne - Why are you asking? Sonny - Because she's having Will's baby. I just want to know what kind of home the child is going to have. Adrienne - Nick seems very devoted to Gabi. In fact I heard him ask Kate if he can work from home now that Gabi's in her 8th month. Sonny - So he'll be around more. Adrienne - It's already started. Most days he's up there working on his computer. In the afternoon he goes for a run. Sometimes he goes to the pub to see Gabi. Sonny - I really hope they have that room that Alex and I had ... the one with the really cool skylight. Adrienne - That's where they are. Sonny - That's great. Adrienne - Okay mister. If all you're interested in is the baby then why are you asking all these specific questions about Nick and Gabi.

Hope - What's not ideal about a child spending time with her birth father? Nick - I said that the wrong way. I think it will be confusing for her until she's older. Hope - Seriously Nick? In this day and age? I'm sure she's going to have lots of friends who have both birth parents and step-parents. Nick - I guess so. Hope - She's going to grow up knowing Will and loving him and loving the two of you. And the three of you will answer questions as time goes on. Gabi - Yes, it's just this situation is kind of tricky you know. Hope - The important thing is that the three of you have things worked out. Because I will say that the worst thing for a child is when the parents are fighting over them. I need to go find Ciara and get her to school. Think about what I said. After she leaves Gabi says - You heard her, right? Nick - Yeah. Gabi - Good because I agree with her.

Sami natters to EJ about what bugs her the most is that if they could just get rid of that evidence at the police station Nick wouldn't have leverage on Will. EJ - Then it wouldn't matter what he says, he wouldn't be able to prove anything. Then we could get a lawyer to nullify the agreement. Sami - I can't exactly ask my Aunt Hope or Dad to destroy evidence for obvious reasons. And you won't let me try again to get it myself. It's so easy to get in ... if only there was the right person to do it. Sami apologises for making it hard for them to concentrate on the game. It's just frustrating. I can't stop thinking about him being kept from his child. Stefano - I got it. Checkmate!

Segment 7: Kate and Rafe are in bed. Kate - That was really, really good. They laugh. Rafe - It kind of picked up my day too. Kate - Although I am upset with myself for mentioning Sami. Rafe - Would you not worry about that! Kate - No, because I don't like sounding like I'm insecure. I just can't imagine any woman giving you up. They kiss.

Sonny - You act like I'm pumping you for information. Adrienne - I know when you're working me. Are you trying to help Will get something on them. Sonny - What if I am? Adrienne - Then you should be very careful. Sonny - I will be. I promise you. Adrienne - Your father said he's never seen anyone work the legal system like Nick has since he got out. I don't want him going after you. Sonny - Neither do I. Adrienne hugs him - Good. Now what do you need to know.

Nick - I love Hope and I respect everything she says but honestly Babe, Bo is Sami's uncle and Will's great-uncle and Sonny's parents are really good friends with Bo and Hope. Gabi - What does that have to do with anything that she said? Nick - She's like you. She looks at the bright side of things. She thinks everything is going to work out for the people she cares about but I'm not like that. I can remove that lens of subjectivety and see things for what they are. This whole idea of a blended family where everyone gets along; it's not going to happen.

Stefano - Elegant offense William. The only thing is my move was lethal. I look forward to the next time. So does Will. Stefano has to call Singapore. Oh Samantha, did you want to ask a favour of me before, for the both of you.

At school, Ciara is at her desk. She pulls the picture of Kristen and Sy out of her Hello Kitty folder.

Brady - I mean it. I want the truth. She kisses him.

John sits in the park looking pleased with himself as Kristen and Brady lock her office door and commence having sex.
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