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Apr 27 2013, 08:44 AM
Apr 26 2013, 10:27 PM
Apr 26 2013, 06:13 PM
The only thing I find interesting is how unrelated the Social Media is to actual ratings. On Wednesday JS and AS had their Ejami Tweetfest and if I recall correctly Days and Ejami both trended. This was on the day with the lowest ratings for the week. Honestly, if there had been enough of a preemption I think NBC would have not counted Wednesdays.
yeah that is why Nielson is going to start using twitter soon as a ratings measure and networks like ABC are using it as marketing strategies. Networks encourage viewers to help make their show trend and are incorporating live tweeting in plenty shows.

Just like the Pope week and those interruptions, they have to take the numbers as they get them, they cannot pick and choose.
Would it be the first time networks or a corporation made a mistake? Also, my point was there seems to be a pretty big disconnect between the Twitter trending and what the ratings came down to. If trending is a measure of popularity for show, then the ratings should follow suit.

Another thing, and this is from a friend with a Nielsen Box, you only have to be watching a show for a certain number of minutes (10 or 15 I think she said) for it to count as having been viewed. The networks don't have to swallow the numbers as they come - if there is a significant preemption or it falls on a holiday the ratings for that day do not count.
there isn't, what they have realised is that the box is not the only good gauge and as for them being wrong about it, sure, ask Scandal.

I am not sure what box your friend has, but I know it all counts, its why when you DVR the show they tell you not to FFWD the commercials because you need to watch it all for it to count.

No one paid to make Days or Ejami trend on Wednesday. That'd be the day.

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