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Apr 27 2013, 09:27 AM
Apr 27 2013, 01:37 AM
I was speaking in general but how do you know? Have you asked every fan? It only takes one. I dont put stock in twitter or facebook. A lot of it is fake. Heck studies have shown much of it is fake.

If someone would pay to send gifts to actors who is to say someone wouldn't pay to make their ship trend? People are willing to falsify polls and surveys but faking trends somehow crosses a line?

Twitter account are becoming like email. Everyone has multiple ones.
Here is an article about how hashtags work. I think you'll find it informative:


Paying to make a topic trend on Twitter is called a "promoted tweet" and it appears at the top of the trending topics with a "promoted tweet" note underneath it. Promoted tweets cost $120,000 a day. If there is a superfan out there with that kind of money to burn, I would love to meet my new best friend! :cheers:

These are the only two ways to make a topic trend on Twitter - anything else is urban legend.

I believe from professional experience that Twitter and GetGlue and Facebook and Pinterest are great self-promotion for all of the soaps. It's fantastic to see the stars of the soaps generating enough interest to make their shows trend. Any bit of buzz is good for the ratings right now. If one person sees it trend and decides to give the show a whirl, it's done its job.

The soaps are doing well right now. Last week was a big news week and they still held on. I couldn't really watch the show because NBC cut into the show several times in my area to report on the Boston bombers. I ended up watching the show online in the evening.
Thanks for the link... very informative. One of the things that I noticed that was mentioned in this article was buying retweets as a way to trend on Twitter, and it's not really expensive, esp if you would get several people to do it or to go in on it. Price examples were 50 retweets for $17; 100 for $32 and 1000 for $97. I am not saying that this was done, only that it is possible and affordable and is done usually within 24 hours of the time you request it.

Also, maybe I am confused about this trending thing, but isn't any comment made about a subject, show, etc., counted in the trend even if it is negative.... as long as it used the #and the name or show.... #Days, for example? So, if this is true, then no one has any idea how many comments were positive or negative, just that they were made and got the traffice on twitter. If that is the case, then many could have been tweeting negative comments on Wed, helping to make Days trend, but then not watching it, correct?
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