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Jeanne Cooper released from the Hospital

Updated 4/27

From the family of Jeanne Cooper: We are overjoyed to announce that Jeanne is to be released from the hospital today. She will still need some time to regain her strength entirely, but now she will be able to do so in the comfort of her home and she's rearing to go! Your love, support, kindness, and prayers have carried us all through the troublesome times and now we can find solace in the love we all share for one another and find our footing and strength together! What a wonderful say to start a weekend! Love to all!!!


And from her son Corbin
I'm overwhelmed this morning! Joyously, magnificently overwhelmed by the blessings in my life! Back home now from an extraordinary time with the folks on The Glades, cast and crew... family. I'm overwhelmed to wake up in the arms of my wife, and after nearly 25 years together, feel so much love, incredible love, deep, passionate love for. I'm truly blessed. I'm overwhelmed how all of you have given so much to me and my family over the past several weeks when you have your own hurdles in life and we as a country have so many hurdles of darkness to leap like what happened and continues to unfold in Boston. But you have been there for us, for my mom! Man! Wow!
And today, it pays off... mom is heading home from the hospital! I'm hoping to grab a photo as she gets into the car to post for you later. Last night it took all she had to not just get up and walk out then... and believe me, she's almost capable! She threw the lasagna dinner aside ( I quickly snuck a few bites) and I could tell, she wants out! Unless anything comes up, that's what's gonna happen today! She knows she still has plenty of work to do at home to fully recover - and this is the weird part - I think she might not only get back to where she was but go beyond, to better health than before all of this. I know she's taking all of this in stride now and even becoming somewhat philosophical about it - do I smell another book?

Okay, I must be back to something near "normal" because I"m rambling here now - like I used to. But I can barely contain my joy. I am, as I said, overwhelmed by the blessings around me. Blown away! My wife planted some flowers we bought last week and now I've come home to see they're in the ground, smiling in our garden. My garden is bountiful, my life is bountiful, your love is overwhelming. Photos of the day to come....

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