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Apr 27 2013, 05:01 PM
Apr 27 2013, 09:09 AM
Apr 27 2013, 09:01 AM
The issue with Scandal and Twitter is that they found the increase in Twitter volume correlates to a subsequent increase in ratings. Scandal got tweeted, and then the ratings went up. This is not what happened here. The Twitter volume increased, while the ratings decreased.

As far as the box she has, as I said before it is a Nielsen Box. The whole thing "counts" per se, however ratings are then redone at the midway mark to see viewer retention (I guess this is to judge if a show is a good lead-in). A half-hour show would be recalculated at the 15 minute mark, while an hour show I think its half-hour. Therefore, those preemptions really wouldn't have influenced the ratings IMO. Wednesday was just a bad day for DAYS.
actually its not just that, its the fact that it has about 2mill less viewers than elementary, yet generates the most buzz......its a medium that all of the pther soaps are tapping into and asking viewers to make it trend......talk about the show and you get advertisers attention.......and you d realise that at certain marks ppl did not have the show right? something simular happened a few wks ago and there was no problem acknowledging it then, so why the problem now?
What I don't understand there being a problem acknowledging is that the ratings for Wednesday were the lowest for the week, and there's very little excuse for it. The preemptions prior were for longer periods of time and were on a larger scale. Larger sections of those shows were preempted. Also, as far as Scandal there's a really good article (I can link it when I am on the computer, I still haven't figured out how to do it on my phone!) that explains the networks view the Twitter correlation as mostly a phenomenon in the key demo, which is what they are after anyway.
I know the article thanks, which stresses the importance of twitter totally negating your intial point of networks being wrong and what I see here is the refusal to acknowledge what happened that day.....we have our very own soapgal telling us that she only got last 30 mins but you are saying it was not for an extended period...... :glare:
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